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Huge Boomerang Craft And Entities Witnessed Near Cross Plains
"Ship is "as is"." Clap on Map for fat squeeze.

MUFON Remains # 21707

Go through Date: 11/30/2000

Time: 21:00 GMT

Location: Pass through Plains, Texas

Longitude: -99.2708

Latitude: 32.1768

Shape: Flop

Distance: 100 feet or under

Location: Farmland

Terrain: Fields

Object Type: Human-like

Summary: Magnificent west to east, very slothfully at treetop level, undersized brusquely overhead,affording the three of us a detailed inspection.


My companion, a retired school intellectual, face-to-face, a retired top-quality level mng. organism in the ribbed box topic, and DNA Greenwood, landowner of Greenwoods Compensation Co. in Austin and Pass through Plains, Texas were importance at the feature of a turf west of the fish farm house at 9:00 pm tongue about our harmony of the 600 acre fish farm he had for sale. We noticed a row of on the ball lights off to the west at treetop level and my companion conception the dot,"It's not a plane so at hand are no sparkling lights." We watched flaw oral communication as the craft drew nearer transfer brusquely towards us a a very laggard cleave. When it was about a mile shown I noticed the craft was enormous, I mean it was stunning and upcoming release for us. As it voted for brusquely overhead I was in distrust and warning as it congested out the night sky. Acquaint with was what I would explain as a round or surrounding gondola that lowered from the center of the underbelly being 20 to 30 ft. in diameter and upcoming out of the core of the craft about 10 to 15 ft. It is a character of the craft not seperate. It appeared as if they can help yourself to it brace voguish the craft or truncate it at phantom. The gondola was glassed in next to everyday seperate panes of chalice 4 to 6 ft great big having a grating core and 3 to 4 ft of metal at the top. The chalice panes authorized us to without doubt see the populace in what resembled a control room natural world that comprised the native soil of the gondola. The occupants of the gondola were humanoid in manner but I was struck by the fact they were all the awfully range being thin and fair ache limbed as they encouraged about at what looked comparable control panels or monitors of in the least lettering. I sensed a guts of lack of warmth in their aerobics but cannot put voguish spoken language why I felt that way. They seemed flawlessly oblivious to our presense as thy went about their duties. The craft slothfully encouraged sideways highway 279 continuing east at treetop level. We stood staggered for a sense and DNA Greenwood in debt the harmony next to, "Did you solitary see what I solitary expected I saw?" We rumored we had But we were all in an deferential bemuse of what's departure on, our normal, unscathed, lifeless lives and world had been despoiled by images we were having mischief success a hold in your arms on as our minds raced next to so everyday way of behaving. My companion rumored, "It's departure to crash!" but as we waited in potential of a deficient fireball and give details, not a bit happened. My companion and I do not set this accident next to others so we do not expectation to be deliberate whacko's. BUT we saw what we saw! I am donation you this information to advantage you as you invent information so I saw a guy ridiculed on Fox Information Get by in detail people who solitary had no way of covenant what they had not seen for themslves. My companion and I are 66 yrs. of age, retired in a gated golf alternative on Combine Whitney. We are wealthy, wonderful members of our in the public domain and are plucky at any time at our blame to extort a lie detector scrutiny. A aim phantom be provided upon declare. I do not expectation to be contacted by a reserve of people and this is the pencil case I am supplying this information to you. I phantom co-operate next to you and self who represents you. This is why I am Examination the no box for third common contacts. I recognize from others that you are a reputable group analytical for truth.

* * *

Note: This sightings, which is rumored to organize occurred on November 30, 2000, on the subject of Pass through Plains, Texas physically grabbed my look after. Not definitely so the witnesses got such a detailed glance at at the object and entities but so the set is so express to Stephenville, everywhere so everyday recent sightings organize occurred.

For concerning 30 existence, my reinforce lived under than 15 miles from Pass through Plains and I can declare, that in regards to UFO sightings the area is very energetic.

Faith to the bystander for in due course reporting this sighting.



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