Monday, 22 October 2012

Ex Defense Minister Of Canada Ufos And Aliens Do Exist Roswell Is True
Paul Hellyer is a former official from Canada.He was defense chief priest and transference in Canada, has acquired a skirt importance in ' ufology international following statements a propos the UFO conspiracy, and a achievable secret base on the moon (on the far side of the Moon ) uttered at the end of 2005 past a kick out of students'University of Toronto inwards a tell on "Exopolitics". Statements, however, issued cleanly after numerous kick of his taking sides travels.Certainly, as a chief priest of defense, amongst 1963 and 1967 participated in the meetings of top secret ' Atlantic Loop, and as a consequence for the institutional role played, was alert of the secrets of NORAD, the Air Direct Canadian-American. He confirmed, what not d?collet sources, that: " UFOs are real, close to the planes flying over our heads "He even more that the ' Roswell incident of 1947 was, contradictory to what the military say, to be charged to a UFO crash, overpower which-according to him-the Coupled States would reach your destination to comprehend of the existence of UFOs.He as a consequence confirmed that cleanly the presidents of the Coupled States and a few others comprehend the truth about the happenings of Roswell - of which the vast lion's share of higher officials and politicians of the Coupled States, not to entrust the good and plain defense ministers, were never concerned at all - and experiments in ' House 51.He as a consequence quoted clinton: Regulate CLINTON WAS ASKED A Problem BY Pale Apartment Teller of tales SARAH MCCLENDON On the topic of WHY HE DIDN'T DO Whatever thing On the topic of UFO Disclosure. CLINTON REPLIED, SARAH, Offering IS A Government Filling THE Government AND I DON'T Swing IT.lunar truthmoon landingWeirdaliensnibiruend of the worlddoomsdayjudgement day

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