Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Black Triangle Sighting In Parsippany Troy Hills
On October 29,2014 at re 04:00 hrs. I stepped out onto my courtyard at my confined stock and seeing a clear refreshing sky, I went hidden my residence and retrieved my binoculars (Celestron 10X50 connection) and started to observe the night sky that was very clear and organize. I was observing the Orion constellation for a few minutes in the S.E. arm of the sky. Last a insignificant bow on my collar I subsequently put down the binoculars and continued to observe Orion exclusive of the binoculars at the same time as I noticed to the consumed side of Orion's strap a star that seemed to be in the medium of a triangle shape object. The triangle was narrow but I possibly will see the star sway bit it. The words of the triangle seemed not to be moved but had a bluish clean to it. I observed no working lights on it nor any landing equal lights. I possibly will not detect any convenient and figured this object was approx. 3-5 thousand feet or high-class in the sky. This object remained stationary in the sky over the star for over a minuscule. Attention to detail it possibly will accept been my eyes I eagerly looked at other stars in the locale but did not see any shape something like them. I subsequently looked pillar at the star in ballot and calm possibly will see the triangle shape object in the exceptionally spot. It was subsequently I remembered my binoculars, turned to choose them up from a young person table on my courtyard and at the same time as I eligible them on the star, the triangular created object was omitted. I accept no video or pictures of the object in ballot. Nor did I report this to any organization philosophy it would accept been eagerly dismissed pleasantly. I did gossip it amid a co-member of my astronomy friendship who suggested I report it to MUFON.


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