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Deceased Konstantin Feoktistov

Konstantin Feoktistov

February 7th, 1926 to November 21st, 2009

"Konstantin Feoktistov, a Soviet Spacecraft Formulate, Dies at 83"


Cliford J. Excise

November 23, 2009

The New York Grow old

Konstantin P. Feoktistov, a Soviet draftswoman who was one of the first resident astronauts and a eminent spacecraft maker, died on Saturday in Moscow, the Russian space agency aimed. He was 83.

Mr. Feoktistov, for whom a fissure was named on the Moon, was as well as the innocently Soviet astronaut who was not a bit of the Communist Set, the agency aimed.

In October 1964, he flew on the first space flight that had upper than one astronaut and carried civilians. He was forceful along with two others, a doctor and a military skipper, popular a dumpy spacecraft called the Voskhod (First light). Aloft for a day, the spacecraft orbited the Set down something else become old in the role of work it members conducted experiments on fruit flies and plants. They as well as took blood and ready amount to show how humans reacted to being in space.

The envisage was calculated a get Soviet overcome, and Soviet supervisor showed whichever live and recorded footage of the three astronauts.

"Can you perceive me?" an secure on the ground asked Mr. Feoktistov. At the same time as he did not come into sight to resolution, the secure extra, "I desire to see you beam." Mr. Feoktistov afterward grinned generally.

The astronauts exchanged greetings along with the Soviet first-class, Nikita S. Khrushchev.

The fact that the Voskhod carried civilians was called an understanding that heralded a new era of space travel. The Russian space agency aimed the tumble ready Mr. Feoktistov "the first spacecraft maker to keep up veteran his knowledge under real milieu."

Mr. Feoktistov never accomplice the Communist Set, afar to the give you a hard time of the company. At one interlude, his chances of loot zone in the Voskhod envisage were aimed to keep up been threatened to the same extent he snubbed the signal, but he was legalized on in the end.

Mr. Feoktistov was natural on Feb. 7, 1926, in Voronezh in southwestern Russia, next-door Ukraine. He fought and was offended in Manufacture War II.

Next to becoming an astronaut, he was one of the basic designers of Soviet spacecraft. In a report in the late 1950s, "A Long-Range Get ready to Master Outer Function," he described how the Soviet Association should look into Earth's fly around, afterward the Moon, Venus and Mars. He as well as sketched policy for the first craft for human flight and a planned landing elegance.

Previously his flight in 1964, Mr. Feoktistov continued to work on the space program as a maker of space vehicles and a top boss. He as well as was a educator in Moscow. No information was swiftly defensible on survivors.


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