Monday, 1 October 2012

Ufo Lights Above Crop Circle
Interesting responses from readers have been huge regarding an article about UFO lights moving fast to a crop circle photographer. One witness said that she was down Alton Barnes on July 27 and 28 for an overnight crop circle vigil and on the 28th he was in a group at the top of hill before making their way down at St. Bernard's crop circle. When they arrive at the field a bright diamond shape light appeared with light tail to it and slowly moving away until the lights disappeared. He said pictures were taken but he did not take one because he has no camera on that moment. Another witness wrote that he was in UK and saw the same lights together with others. He said the lights were like dusk and move fast and seemed to know they are being filmed. He said that he has some of the lights activity on film. He said that the thing responsible of the lights like it when it is very cold. He described the lights as glowing orange ball with a small tail. They can even light up a bright white light. He also believes that the lights were intelligently controlled. Another observer wrote that he also seen a white diamond-shaped light with fast movement that can even catch up a full speed taxi. He also believes that the lights were moving intelligently.

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