Monday, 15 October 2012

New Film About The Infamous Ufo Mystery In Rendlesham Forest
New film about the well-known UFO mystery in Rendlesham Forest: In the role of the night of 26th December 1980 Rendlesham Tree-plant in Suffolk is identical with pretty lights in the sky and baffling alien activity. Unlike USAF staff luggage compartment to support seen extra terrestrial aircraft and eerie lights at East Way in in the forest, oppressive to the USAF bases Woodbridge and Bentwaters. And tonight a film, based on the endeavors of three energy in December, premieres at the Colchester Conjure up Festivity. On paper and directed by Daniel Simpson (Spiderhole, H) it tells the story of three UFO investigators tumbling muted clothed in Rendlesham Tree-plant over three energy. Daniel deceased go up to four being filming on handheld cameras and bent the special belongings himself. He says the experience of verbal communication to eye witnesses from the endeavors of 1980 has through him refocus his concept.



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