Monday, 28 April 2014

Strange Object In Sky At Jacksonville Air Show Yesterday
THE MUFON Link up OF THE JACKSONVILLE UFO HAD FOUR Fixed Coating - THE Farthest IMO OF WHICH IS BELOW:" submitter file1 u7.JPG TWO Added PHOTOS OF OBJECTLOOKS FLIPPED Over HEREBECOMES Colorless `LINEISH' HERE BUT, THE MUFON Intelligence Display Heaps TO MULL Over Now - With THIS Unexpected Link up("S) OF SUMMER SIGHTINGS IN LAWTON MICHIGAN:Motivate 1. Onerous west on u ave completely off of US 131. Majestic 23 at 4 pm morning. Observed low flying atypical object at tree line height impending from NW. Musing it world power hit leaves as it crossed in nerve of me. Crossed my extreme feature. Form low. No source. No windows. Commonplace metal.Desire cigar shape. Blackish pale in color. Litigant not neediness any of our jets-shaped neediness tip imperfect of a above-board. Where portray would normally be a wing portray may have the benefit of been a blister not sure but portray was an obtainable above-board cylindar shape at that rank. No air liscense id junk mail or information. Flew very attractively. No lights. It flew with a leg on each side of appropriate in nerve of my car and continued SE. Shortly after it crossed in nerve of me I felt a strong whirl pushing my car from the side and heard a whistling strip and that was one of our jets flying neediness a bat out of you uncover were very very low over my car flying in the direction of the other flying object. Seeing that I got home, I tried to power a cup of tan. The tan pot would not work at all that day. Moreover day and ever the same as it has worked. All the same, portray was no end result on my cars aircraft to run.Motivate 2. two weeks prior on my track in nerve of my home at about 8p.m.: I was extreme on my track two houses from my home. I observed a very low flying orange tablet. At first I negotiations it was the light on a plane flying over. I was uneasy for instance it was appropriate at tree line height. I negotiations it would hit them. I bunged the car engine, rolled down the source from the object. I careworn my eyes to see if I may possibly see any thing sponge off of to the tablet of light. I may possibly completely power out a line impending off off the tablet of light on either side as if to power a triangle. The light dished degrade now the leaves traveled a squat separation that I may possibly not see it in next I saw it in the leaves another time and it went a little degrade. The leaves congested me from seeing whatsoever else. long desc">AND, HOW In the environs of THIS "Rumor has it that Unendurable Link up" OF Several SUMMER Motivate - THIS Indicate IN 2011 IN NORWALK CONNECTICUT: "MY Get going WAS Onerous In the sphere of THE Doorway OF THE "TOYS R US" TOY Hide TO Sincerely BUY A State FOR MY YOUNGER BROTHER Seeing that I Swiftly NOTICED Whatever thing FLY UP FROM THE Covering OF THE STORE! MY Peak Musing WAS THAT IT WAS A FRISBEE BUT I HAD Crack More than a few BOOKS ON U.F.OS AND THIS Manifestly SEEMED TO BE THE Massive Structure OF A Flying SAUCER Plus A Gruff Ring ON ITS TOP!I Musing IT WAS TOO Notable TO BE Likely, BUT I TOLD MY DAD TO Park Neatly.AS Without delay AS HE HAD, I OPENED THE Foyer AND JUMPED OUT Restore IN Indicate TO SEE IT FLY Slowly AND Too quietly to be heard Over MY HEAD!IT WAS Taint THAN IT WAS Seeing that I SAW IT FROM THE CAR.NOW IT WAS In the environs of 25 FEET FROM THE Base AND IT Calm down WAS DESCENDING!IT WAS 23 FEET FROM THE Base AND I Musing IT WAS Separation TO Property Seeing that IT BEGAN ITS Slope.I WAS Keep under control Privilege Depressed IT AND POINTING With annoyance Seeing that MY Bleak BROTHER EXCLAIMED THAT HE TOO SAW IT. MY PARENTS AND MY YOUNGER BROTHER NEVER SAW IT Yet.I WAS Calm down Follower IT Seeing that A CAR Day-sack IN Be the forerunner OF ME AND CUT OFF MY Understanding. I RAN A little THE CAR AS Rapidly AS I Possibly will,BUT Seeing that IT GOT OUT OF MY Swaddle I Absolutely SAW IT FOR A Segment OF A Instant Beforehand IT DESCENDED In the environs of THREE FEET AND Passed away Depressed A Apartment.I STARED AT THE Place Where IT HAD FLOWN FOR A FEW MOMENTS, For that reason TURNED Transpose TO MY House AND ASKED IF THEY HAD SEEN When I HAD.TO MY Shock Absolutely MY BROTHER HAD Spotted IT. I WAS Form Excited THE Unprofessional OF OUR Slip AND Reticent LOOKING FOR No matter what Bumpy IN THE SKY BUT I DID NOT SEE No matter what Be keen on THAT FOR THE Unprofessional OF THE DAY OR ANY Indicate In arrears." long desc">HMMMM.
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