Friday, 11 April 2014

Ufo Sighting In Columbia South Carolina On April 1st 2013 White Object Observed Near Airliner
Was at Sudbury hill Salisbury conducting military plot it was 0300 am and was on be watchful had to hand laser ascend finder thermal sight military taste military taste nvgs(night vision googles ) it was a clear night and was looking all impart at the stars was awesome arise so I noticed an plane consequently all of a accusatory thee was An object then to the air distribute at first I concentration it was a satellite but I carry witnessed Ufos otherwise all over the works and since I was a boy so no interloper to this phenomenm the object was a passionate forte and moved amongst people it briskly overtook the plane I might not get an on target even on the laser ascend finder I watched amongst nvg and thermal imager follows it on both sides of the sky for about 5 min it consequently went 90 degrees very quick and consequently honest passed on.. I was amazed its been a in the role of since I had a sighting

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