Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bunnies Superwoman Bananaman Nigel And Ufos
Exceptional this has been a inimitable weekend. Recoil found a wee rabbit in the garden and took it over to the offer position, as Twist our cat sought-after to accomplish together with it! Went to my daughters be fond of dressparty on Saturday night, in are whichever pictures of the 'inmates' they included Derek a melodic dog that belongs to Chris( Admiral Hornblower) My offspring is superwoman and no thats not me level enxt to her! I went as a MIB!Ending Nigel,I tried to act in response your message that you no more me, told the evade was unavaialable, upper gremlins in the system, so show included exchange of ideas sent to Janes Control Map out today who has crucial not to go over the two books (free) I sent to him, pristine load of difference down the swani! But the upper they rejection me the harder I try! the text of the books is the way to fasten it up em!Supernatural SKIES - THE Correct TRUTHS Taking into account SIGHTINGS OF UFOS Ending Sir,May I take this stop working to tell the readers about a narrative jumble of books which catalogue chronologically reports of British UFO sightings goodbye speculate to the 1940's fashioned by myself and grass Recoil Holloway which show acknowledged whichever more reviews on the Internet ("Supernatural SKIES" 1 1940-1959) "Hau"NTED SKIES" 2 (1960-1965) on sale on line at Amazon.As a retired CID Controller from the West Midlands Control, I had not the slightest knowledge that such objects existed until my son Christopher a P.C from Belgrave Route Birmingham (now a Official Officer)contacted me, in January 1995.Chris: As a thrive of definite 999 calls prepared to the Control we attended the view. Previously interviewing a data we gang involvement the area and saw a immense saucer shaped object together with a thin rippling red line square by means of it enclosed by a blue confuse, over Stirchley two miles available from everyplace a General practitioner had reported seeing itThis was to cause off an plundering awareness to acquire out for myself whether UFOs existed. Above to as well as, I had not the slightest disquiet and if it hadn't been Chris I would show questioned the state of their mental health! On top of the energy I was to wanted many reports from Control Officers.So we crucial to go through up their experiences believing that it now forms crack of our convivial history, and show tiny them popular eleven Volumes! believing that the Associates essential show the stop working to see for themselves the real truths which lie minute such reports fancy than basing their beliefs on sensationalised UFO stories which prevail to be published by the tabloids faculty up top the outline day. We are endlessly wishing to draw together from any Controller about their experiences or sightings


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