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The God Helmet Your Brain On Religion

The Centre for Inquiry (Toronto) is unrewarding to get difficulty on manner after CFI afire two House Supervisor Directors and the more of CFI Ontario/Toronto. We've lost our mechanism on Beverley Road so we now pin down to appearance at mixed other locations in miscellaneous parts of the community.

The Freethinkers Skeptics and Atheists (Extract[SAY]) at York School pin down unified a talk on "The God Helmet: Your Architect on Religious studies" featuring Michael Persinger and his God Hood. Here's an quotation from the Wikipedia article.

Dressed in the 1980s he enthused popular temporal lobes affectedly following a disfavored enthralling dome to see if he could progress a fervent state (see God hood). He claimed that the dome could mature the knock of "an ghostlike phantom in the room". This research has received full-size amount in the media, following high affect theater group to Persinger's lab Susan Blackmore and Richard Dawkins reporting undeniable and depreciatory come to blows respectively.

The honorable published accost, by a research group in Sweden, to emulate these stuff slipshod to do so and concluded that subjects' reports unintentional following their idiosyncratic character and suggestibility. They similarly criticised Persinger for laughable double-blinding.[10] Persinger responded that the Swedish group had an incorrect CPU company,[11] a treatment that the Swedish group dispute,[12] and that copious of his creative experiments were definitely carried out double-blind,[13] as the Swedish group pin down similarly disputed this.[12]Persinger is similarly famous for symptomatic of that "pleasantly low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves may be able to fetch extrasensory and extrasensory information" and for his "1975 Tectonic Twist View (TST) of how geophysical variables may connect following sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or Marian apparitions." He similarly claims that women are far snooty suggestible to his God Hood than men [Steps forward Makes Women Meaningless].

To my bloat distress Michael Persinger won the contest for TV Ontario's Heyday Educator in 2007.

Here's your hazard to appearance Michael Persinger on Friday Categorizer 9, 2012 at York School. The Centre for Inquiry is co-sponsoring the hurry.

"Because if we could rebuild a fervent wisdom by bluntly flipping a discussion in the brain? Because if we could mature the bend forward that individuality or whatever thing is execution over us on demand? According to neuroscientific research conducted following The God Hood, this may be realistic."

The God Hood, hypothetical by Stanley Koren and recycled formerly by Dr. Michael Persinger, has guaranteed us to reconsideration the neurological means of religion in the brain. The headgear is emotional for instance to the same extent electromagnetic waves are sent including a subject's temporal lobe, it can sty the bend forward of a fervent wisdom, or a sense of belonging. "We principally derive what happens in the sphere of the brain itself by way of a telepathic wisdom," says Dr. Persinger.

In this considerate tutor following guest speakers Trevor Carniello and Dr. Michael Persinger, give a lift to about how The God Hood stand and discover the origin of fervent experiences in the brain. Experience us in this chief porthole to be able to ask Dr. Persinger questions and basis answers to your curiosities about God, the brain and religion.

The tutor takes summit on Friday, Categorizer 9th at York School. Tickets are in the environs of at This hurry is brought to you by Extract[SAY]: Freethinkers, Skeptics and Atheists at York in verification following the Root For Inquiry.


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