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Purported Extraterrestrial Alien Ufo Nauts Ufo Occupants Alien Pictures
Reasonably the most intriguing sense of UFOnaut sighting reports is that all but all are described as humanoid. Their air is as a rule described as vague and reserved. Firm as effectively human (shorter 0.9-1.5m "dwarf-like" ones, others looking wish ordinary fanatical humans as well as sunny complexion "Nordics" wish northern-Europeans / Scandinavians, but also very tall 2m and threadlike humans as well as a few differences -bigger eyes, facial hair-). Moreover, portray are similes of fed up 0.8-1.4m beings, "reptilian" (EBE-Type-I) and "greys" (EBE-Type-II) - see pictures and similes on the tally assistance. Discordant to the common panorama that sightings of UFO beings are crucially only one of its kind, researchers from MUFON's Humanoid Hut Friendship (HSG) move compiled a ache list of such cases - over 1,600 bizarre complain incidents. In the discussion of HSG cochairman, physicist David Webb: "A mixture of of the reports are well-documented, firsthand investigations relating believable witnesses." Online databases of UFO paying guest sightings (a/k/a CE3 = Kill Encounters of 3rd Folks) include: * URECAT by Patrick Averse * Humanoid Detection News summary by Albert Rosales * CE3 cases * Boarder Sightings by Richard Passageway * NICAP's CE3 db abstracts * MUFON's Humanoid Hut Friendship (HSG) * Fortean / folklore sites as well as stories of "alien" entities: Greetings Earthlings, sizable jokers * e-Book The humanoids (ignore about the "metaphysical" points in Humphrey's prologue IMHO) by Charles Bowen which cover the take of landed UFOs and their occupants. Jacques Vallee presents 200 cases, all from 1954, on the whole from France. Gordon Creighton describes 65 cases in detail, all from South America, ranging in time from 1947 to 1965. Coral Lorenzen has 28 cases, on the whole from the 1960s and the Join States. Examples of stories of human-looking UFO aviators: UFO occupants seen near hospital, Canada 1970 (find out the "head encased in close-fitting sad bodily" watch by the look after), subsequently surface at the Templeton, Solway Firth "spaceman" photo, England 1964. First-class flat cases clutch UFO as well as two occupants seen by Dorset UK person, Sep-1977. Further CE3 cases of humanoids clutch Rector Gill, Papua New Guinea 1959 (Plus Gill floating a on paper report of the sighting, and twenty-five witnesses signed it):Wisconsin, USA 1961, Tens of african schoolchildren see landed UFO and paying guest Sep-1994: Two recent cases of CE3 as well as "reptilian"-like entities (EBE Enter I) are the * Caponi CE3, Italy 1993 story @ ufologie, Caponi photos * Varginha, Brazil Jan-1996 UFO crash and CE3 (, (Portugese), ufoevidence, ufologie, twf p1 twf p2, Bob Pratt Documents - The Varginha ETs). According to Brazilian UFOlogist A.J. Gevaerd, over 80 chief first-hand witnesses move renovate announce to affirm the capture of at minimum 2 aliens. FWIW, Robert O. Dean (who has complete a few rationally ostentatious claims on short vacation), retired Armed forces master sergeant, tells the story about a 3yr investigation of UFOs/ETs by NATO/SHAPE (Incomparable Build Associate Powers Europe) amongst 1961-1964 resulted in a "Cosmic TOP Bad"-classified Summary "Assessment: An Evaluate of a Possible Military Risk to Associate Martial in Europe" which confirmed that: "the planet Sett and human clique had been the take of a fussy keep an eye on of a few reassuring by approximately bizarre extra-terrestrial civilizations, four of which they had identified visually. One clique looked nearby slurred from us (also referred to as "Nordics", when they resemble northern Europeans, blonde bombard, blue eyes etc). Recent resembled humans in equal, diagram, and roughage, but as well as a very gloomy, sallow coating vital. The third clique is now popularly acknowledged as the greys (see EBE-Type-II beneath), and the fourth was described as reptilian, as well as stiff pupils and lizard-like coating (see EBE-Type-I beneath)" especially If UFOnauts are surely effectively human or humanoid as abundant assert, subsequently this raises all sorts of questions about the type of interlace amongst us and them: a repeated biological origin as well as homo sapiens is a pronounced would-be. FWIW Wilbert Smith, the unlikely head of Canadian UFO have another look at project 1950-1954 initiative we are the strain of "their" colonists on this planet. Speculations to edify human-looking UFOnauts, clutch the one of "Professional / Older Sett CIVILIZATIONS", i.e. an previous to human humanity arose, leapt concerning space to circumvent the Lay upheavals of their time (or found a few get better office on Sett itself), and all but all previous cipher of their ghost on our planet were afterwards erased and long-ago. Others umpire aliens move played a event in genetically work ("magnificent") the human clique, or aim their invention i.e. they seeded life on Sett etc. Blatantly portray are watery points in each one of these speculations. The top-notch would be parallel CONVERGENT Society specialized flat environments on other planets, twisted humanoid (living being, 2 arms, 2 legs, a head as well as 2 eyes and maw) entities, as a few scientists suggest: "E T MAY Play against Dead on Need US.""Escape all inhabit fairy-tale Hollywood belief about the odd deportment of extra-terrestrial beings. E.T., if he or she exists, obviously may surface drastically wish an common human being. That is the side of an international expertise on the beginning of life who has reported the first expert evidence that life may be significantly flat at some stage in the universe.for example we do land on a planet a few anywhere a few day, don't be inquiring if grandee walks up to sway your hand.' Dr. Cyril Ponnamperuma assumed." Costing from Blade Tribune Periodical, September 17, 1986Ponnamperuma (bio) was chief of the Seminary of Maryland's Laboratory of Chemical Society. The lab has pioneered research on how life force move originated from instinctive chemical reactions among chemicals that existed on earth billions of kick ago. The MJ12 (MAJIC) SOM1-01 document reportedly printed 1954 covers two bizarre "Extraterrestrial Unpretentious Entities" (EBE-Type-I "reptilian" and EBE-Type-II "greys"). The MJ12 SOM1-01 documents don't unassailable very convincing to me (dissimilar other MJ12 documents). On the other hand, Dr.Fuel has affected this one broadly and his site put it as well as their best rating of sly for certainty, as not compulsory in the investigation induction (Xcon 2005): "Arithmetical opinion has mostly followed ancestors opinion in the panorama that unidentified flying objects either do not exist (the "unrestrained phenomena cheek") or, if they do, condition tow evidence of a visitation by a few campaigner clique of space travellers (the extraterrestrial cheek or "ETH"). It is the finding of the dramatist that research on UFOs need not be native to these two alternatives. On the underneath, the accumulated data base exhibits approximately patterns assiduousness to connote that UFOs are real, tow a or unrecognized phenomenon, and that the facts do not agree the repeated concept of "space guests." Five individual arguments spoken offer deny the ETH: * mysterious sec encounters are far especially discrete than needed for any physical keep an eye on of the earth; * the humanoid living being roughage of the whispered "aliens" is not predictable to move originated on numerous planet and is not organically custom-made to space travel; * the reported air in thousands of abduction reports contradicts the cheek of inborn or expert try-out on humans by an campaigner race; * the toupee of the phenomenon at some stage in recorded human history demonstrates that UFOs are not a stream phenomenon; and * the break the surface skill of UFOs to set-up space and time suggests radically bizarre and more affluent alternatives." Src: JSE Volume 4: Assume 1: Mania 9 Since 1970s Vallee seems to be advancing the rebellious finding that UFOs are paranormal in integrity and a innovative space age advent of a phenomenon which assumes bizarre guises in bizarre former contexts. HUMANOID ALIENS Pictures AND SimilesFor picture and similes of reptilian and grey aliens, overlaid as well as info from MJ12 SOM1-01, temptation snap offer. Remarkable HOAXES * Ray Santilli produce a result "Roswell Remarkable Autopsy film" and "Roswell crash waste" videos aired in 1995, are a confirmed hoax (see Eamonn investigates "Remarkable Autopsy" 2002 TV documentary or astute cheap of Eamonn on Santilli hoax and remarks by Philip Cloak) and Kiviat on AA film. On the contrary Santilli special his story in 2002 and claimed to move completed a theatrical "repair" filmed in an old arrange reveal London as well as the polite of relations, as the apparently different film footage was fatigued out and near unusable, it is near dense that the inclusive big business was a hoax. Watch that the "Roswell UFO crash" incident in 1947 was nearby in truth NOT a "Magnate baloon" as claimed by officialdom, but the Santilli autopsy film hoax was an extend to "advantage", to capitalise on the public's edge in it. Merely "comfort" would be, as Stanton Friedman -who spring up refused to stand in front of it as acceptable from the beginning- put it: "While of that footage that has been away in 32 countries portray has been a fierce bargain of ancestors pondering about UFOs that would more willingly than not move occurred." * John Bradley Rutter (aka Jonathan Reed) produce a result alien photo, surfaced via C2C radio show. The alien was apparently encountered on 15-Oct-1996 in a Washington Direct forest. Reed assumed he killed the alien in the forest after the alien had disintegrated his dog. Reed claimed to move eventful video and photos of the alien and a UFO. [story @ ufowatchdog]


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