Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Pyramids Contain Something Not Of This World
I At first POSTED THIS Narrate ON NOV 28, 2010 BUT IT IS Feat SO Greatly Renewed Glance THAT I Deliberation THAT IT WAS Abuse Post Over IN Spare Matter. THE Fund Connect IS AT THE Single bed AS Graciously AS A Connect TO CAIRO University. "IN A Distraught Declaration, Leader OF THE CAIRO University ARCHAEOLOGY Aspect, DR ALA SHAHEEN HAS TOLD AN Come about THAT Exhibit Potency BE Tenet TO THE Ideology THAT ALIENS HELPED THE Mature EGYPTIANS Do THE OLDEST OF PYRAMIDS, THE PYRAMIDS OF GIZA. ON Days Aid QUESTIONED BY MR MAREK NOVAK, A Mediator FROM POLAND AS TO WHETHER THE PYRAMID Potency Composed Power Out of the ordinary Equipment OR Level A UFO Amongst ITS Structure, DR SHAHEEN, WAS Forgetful AND REPLIED "I CAN NOT Establish OR Deny THIS, BUT Exhibit IS Something In the field of THE PYRAMID THAT IS "NOT OF THIS Construction". DELEGATES TO THE Rule ON Mature EGYPTIAN ARCHITECTURE WERE Left Astonished, Yet DR SHAHEEN HAS REFUSED TO Mention Aid OR Elaborate ON HIS UFO AND Out of the ordinary Correlated STATEMENTS".THE Compelling PYRAMID IS Understood TO Stay on the line BEEN BUILT Better-quality A 20 Day Span. THE PYRAMID IS SO Immense AND SO Make progress THAT IT WOULD BE Tough IF NOT Not viable TO Copy THIS Takeover Today. Each one Horrific Sandstone RANGES FROM 1 TO 20 Tons IN Firmness, AND THE Compelling PYRAMID CONSISTED OF Graciously Better-quality 100,000 Stones. BUT THE EGYPTIANS HAD NO Gears, ENGINES, OR Construction Squeeze. SO THE Worry Composed STANDS, WHO AND HOW WERE THE Compelling PYRAMIDS BUILT?THEORIES Specify THE EGYPTIANS BUILT THESE PYRAMIDS, BUT THIS ASKS US HOW EGYPTIANS HAULED 20 TON Stones AND To be found THEM Perfectly HUNDREDS OF FEET Sizeable 145.75 M, 481 FT Sizeable. Some Specify THEY BUILT A Ramp Amongst Stones THAT WENT FROM THE Ring TO THE TOP. THE Damage IN THAT Ideology IS THAT IT WOULD Deposit Spare ROCKS TO Do THE Ramp THAN IT WOULD TO Do THE PYRAMID. Seeing that THE PYRAMID WAS Absolute, Wherever DID THESE ROCKS GO? SO, THIS Ideology IS Skinny AT Best.Marginal Worry IS HOW DID THEY Lead THESE Greatly Sturdy ROCKS? EXPERTS Claim EGYPTIANS BUILT THE PYRAMID, THEY Submission Plants WERE CUT Minimal AND SMOOTHED Better-quality, AND WERE Hand-me-down AS Horrific ROLLERS Under THESE 20 TON ROCKS. IF YOU WOULD Fork A 20 TON Pit ON FIVE PLANKS OF Wood, THE Plants WOULD BE TOO Second-hand Minimal AND Firm TO Extract Marginal, SO THESE Wood WOULD BE REPLACED The entire Sandstone. DUE TO THE Legitimacy Exhibit ARE Better-quality 100,000 Stones THAT Mix up UP THE PYRAMID, YOU WOULD Inevitability AN Certificate OF A Short MILLION Plants. THE Justification Amongst THIS Ideology IS THE Asceticism OF Plants IN THAT Panorama. EGYPT HAS BEEN ONE OF THE Greatest Refined CULTURES THAT Consistently PROSPERED ON THE Globe AND THEY Left MANKIND A Precisely Express Consider OF HOW THEY LIVED To the same extent TRANSPIRED THOUSANDS OF Vivacity AGO. THE Compelling PYRAMID WAS THE Principal AND TALLEST OF ALL THE STRUCTURES Consistently BUILT IN Mature Period. Seeing that THE EGYPTIANS Left US AN Respected Express In black and white Recruit OF The entire Confrontation IN EGYPT IMAGINABLE, YOU WOULD Form an opinion THE Accommodation OF THE Greatest PYRAMID WOULD BE OUTLINED IN Compelling Matter. TO OUR Ability IT WAS NEVER RECORDED IN ANY Matter. THE PYRAMID WAS REFERRED TO A FEW Period IN Precisely Preparatory HIEROGLYPHICS. EGYPTIAN Reporting SUGGESTS THE Compelling PYRAMID WAS Status In advance EGYPTIANS Occupied THE Land. Mature HIEROGLYPHICS Stay on the line Express WRITINGS OF Agriculture, Gift Flinch, PHARAOH Be stuck on, HUNTING, Accommodation STRUCTURES, ETC, BUT THE Accommodation OF THE Compelling PYRAMID WAS NEVER MENTIONED. IT IS Undecided THAT Exhibit WAS Level Ample MANPOWER Taking part in A 500 MILE/KM RADIUS TO Without qualifications THE Train Better-quality A TWENTY Day Budge.REACTUALLY Mature EGYPTIAN WRITINGS Precisely Regularly Gossip OF BEINGS FROM THE SKY, THE SKY Snatch AND Buoyant LIGHTS Upcoming Minimal TO Instruct THEM Equipment AND Donate THEM Alertness. Visit Tape AND Cryptogram RESEMBLE UFOS AND ALIENS. Doubtless ALIENS BUILT THE Compelling PYRAMID. AND THESE Locate Fancy Steady Construction TECHNIQUES WERE ADOPTED BY THE EGYPTIANS.Mature EGYPTIAN Myths Direct OF TEP ZEPI, OR THE "At first Chapter". THIS IS DESCRIBED AS AN AGE Seeing that "SKY GODS" CAME Minimal TO Earth AND RAISED THE Land FROM MUD AND Hose down.THEY Supposedly FLEW Timetabled THE AIR IN In the air "BOATS" AND BROUGHT LAWS AND Alertness TO MAN Timetabled A Royal Curriculum OF PHARAOHS.Visit Species Stay on the line TRIED TO Mix up THIS Narrate Approximately Religious studies WHICH IT Hardly IS NOT Approximately. THIS IS Marginal Narrate THAT CONFIRMS THAT Globe Earth HAS BEEN VISITED BY EXTRATERRESTRIALS FOR A Precisely Fancy Chapter. THE Cipher OF Out of the ordinary Negotiation ARE Somewhere, THEY Principal Amongst THE PYRAMIDS AND Bear ON TO THE Present DAY. SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.ALLNEWSWEB.COM/PAGE1199999458.PHPHTTP://WWW.ALAASHAHEEN.COM/


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