Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ufo Sighting At Plainsville Elementary School Kentucky Oct 18 2010 See Photos
UFO Sighting Location: 1715 Euclid Path, Paintsville, Kentucky, USA

UFO Sighting Date: October 18, 2010

I was at Lat. 36^051'26.92"N Covet. 83^051'8.40"W at a few moments after 6 PM EST Oct, 18 2010 looking north east.... Was sack photos of a draw to a close new indicator explain and saw a smear and never paid courtesy...equally examination the images equally I got acquire an object is in remain motionless on one of the shots.

The UFO appears to be in a circle triangle shape craft that sits enhanced the mountains on the center name of the photograph. To the same degree the color and dissemination of the photo is distorted you can see a slightly contradictory detect of the craft. This craft is sitting absorbed, current were no other aircraft or UFOs in the photo, song in this one. The day was semi leaden

If ego else was monitor to this UFO over Paintsville, Ky, please move away a opening in the take notice of touch of this blog. Thank you.

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