Monday, 14 April 2014

Cnufos Paranormal X Radio Show 1 Cnufos Knows
Welcome to my brand new show called "Cnufos Paranormal-X". This show is based on my paranormal website rightly named, "Cnufos". I will be talking about anything interesting that is happening on my website & the paranormal world abroad. Because the site is a Social Site like Facebook and MySpace & the members have the freedom to design their own channels & upload their own content, it makes for a very interesting radio show. The members who are contributing to Cnufos that week will be mentioned on the show. If they upload a video, a picture, a story, or anything interesting relating to the paranormal then I will most likely talk about it on the radio show. There will be "shout outs", Named Events, Forums & the Chat Room with a bit of gossip to relate to. If you join the website I am positive you will like it if you are a paranormal enthusiast or a serious researcher like most of the members & myself. There's usually a discussion going on about a certain sighting whether it's real or hoaxed & that is usually something to talk about. I noticed one thing on this site however & that is nobody is disrespecting each other. I have never seen so many people act this mature for this long a period. That's a good reason for YOU to JOIN. It's FREE 2 JOIN & you get your own Channel to design any way you want. Upload & advertise anything related to the paranormal. If you have a website or a radio show or a sighting, place it on the site & let's have a look. Now take a listen & a look at the radio show that is going to change the way you listen to Paranormal Radio. This is the first episode & things are going to change until I get it right. While the show is playing you can watch the videos I am talking about. No one is doing a show like this & the best is yet to come. Subscribe NOW & Join Cnufos today!

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