Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Ufo Sightings Ufo Seen Flying Over Ossett Uk June 7 And 8 2013
JUNE 13, 2013 - UNITED KINGDOM - A UFO was spotted flying over Ossett at the weekend. Eyewitness reports suggest it almost collided with an aeroplane, between 10.50pm on Friday night and 1am on Saturday morning.A sighting report written by JDH was published on the UFO UFO Sightings UK website.JDH wrote: "I walked out of the back door into the garden and saw a bright light about 300m above the ground, approaching from south, which nearly collided with a plane."A few seconds later I saw five orbs manifest from about 100m above ground then follow the first light, in a north north east direction."Over the next two hours I watched about eight more pass overhead, none of which could have been more than 400m above the ground. They were moving fairly swiftly, silent but bright."The report was one of three from within the UK posted on the website on the same night.Please call us on 01924 433 013 if you spotted the UFO. - WAKEFIELD EXPRESS.

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