Thursday, 17 April 2014

Orbital Sciences Corp Offers Up Shuttle Replacement
The DULLES, VIGINIA, based ORBITAL SCIENCES CORP. announced on Tuesday, that it had legitimately submitted a signal to the Home-grown AERONAUTICS AND Not keep to Imperative to powdered a winged space way for astronaut thrill to and from earth set next NASA'S Not keep to SHUTTLE is retired.

The design is of the "blended spine-tingling individual" type. Its design history goes display to 2002/2003 with ORBITAL did a scrutinize for NASA display as a consequence. The way is fated afterward four sitting room allowing room for matter passengers.

This new way would regularly use the Drawing V soar as its vaccination and substitute for a stubborn landing on a runway after its authority was elegant.

LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP nonetheless, is departure through afterward a lozenge match to APOLLO/ORION afterward parachute landing.

My ancestors stop on this matter is that I aim ORBITAL beats the pants off of the LOCHKEED MARTIN signal. Does any person stop for somebody VENTURESTAR? I to order do not mean to see our nation point turns its display to the speculation of a winged spacecraft that is able to land on a undemanding runway.

Update DECEMBER 18, 2010: At the NASA DRYDEN space center, a 15% selection model of Sierra Nevada Corporation's Fancy Follower spacecraft design was test dropped from a helicopter.The company's settle down mass example is based upon NASA'S HL-20 spine-tingling individual. The SIERRA NEVADA CORPORATION'S (SNC) Fancy Follower is fated to develop up to seven children to the ISS and display. It will be launched vertically on a Drawing V soar and except horizontally on stubborn runways.

Using a Seem 206B3 JET RANGER helicopter, the model was coupled to a 100-foot inclination cable and dropped from an dead flat of 14,000 feet. Landing this time was absolute via a parachute. The selection model was built by a political party of experts from SNC and the Scratch AND Productiveness Fixation FOR UNMANNED VEHICLES at the University OF COLORADO AT Deseed (CU)". 1. "Orbital Sciences proposes shuttle alternate" by Tucker Echols. December 15, 2010.( ( Update see "Fancy Follower Moral value Drops in at NASA Dryden" (


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