Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Strange Secrets A Trove Of Entertaining Stories For X Files Fans
"Publishers Weekly" says about "Strange Secrets":Redfern and Roberts, both experienced writers on UFOs and the paranormal, preface their study of real-life X-files by admitting that "the nature of intelligence work requires agencies to obtain information on just about anything and everything that might conceivably have a bearing on national security."So it's no surprise that "documentation on the 'unknown' has been created and studied at an official level." The authors have uncovered such files from the U.S., British and former Soviet governments touching on alien visitations, the use of psychic spies and other strange subjects.A local vampire legend was used by the U.S. in the Philippines as part of a psy-ops program. The authors discuss reports that the British government convened a secret ministerial briefing to discuss the mysterious crop circles that had started appearing in the 1980s.And they explore the possibility that some supposed UFO sightings were actually of highly advanced, secret technology being tested by the U.S. government.This is a trove of entertaining stories for X-files fans and government skeptics.

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