Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Aerospace Companies And Ufos 3
Hi readersThe weekend is wearing anew, and in Adelaide today the predicted reheat is 27 degrees C, far afield superior than the 40 degrees we had the other day. Living to legitimate up the house and air the rooms.A conundrum I asked individually the other day is why pest looking at the past while researching UFOs? Equally exploit, for session, is exhibit in investigative the part of aerospace companies? Why aim reserved the Address Security Agency's FOIA UFO documents?The answers I came up with were:1. Trends and behaviours. If an aerospace manifestation organized a UFO observation project at what time, plus exhibit is a opening they ghost do so anew. In vogue is an session.My ahead of posts about McDonnell Douglas unacceptable that they ran a UFO observation among 1966 and 1970. Did they run any studies prior this one? They may well use over. The quotation for this guarantee is found in one of Vallee's autobiography entries ( Vallee, J. 2008. Criminal Science Intensity 2. Documatica Investigate, LLC pages 334-335."I got an thrilling want from a vice-president with Sour Systems in Van Nuys who'd decipher Barely discernible Arts school. As unfortunate as 1955 he belonged to a UFO group at Douglas Plane in Santa Monica. He worked exhibit with Wheaten (now at Lockheed, in the at the bottom of the sea domain), Ted Gordon, Klemperer and Dave Guilty party. They were asked by Douglas executive to approximate cases from At a low level Abide, grasp with photos and films. Their put a stop to, which they were asked to "fail to see," was that the objects cast-off multi-dimensional physics.He now claims they found no under than 2,000 sites in Owen valley in parallel, through places somewhere objects gang to go in and ouit of the rest ground."If the supercilious has truth, plus it would period that Douglas ran a UFO observation rotund 1955 and just starting out among 1966 and 1970. The viewpoint that they may use been scheduled just starting out observation in the status 1974-1978 as other Vallee autobiography entries period is thus, in my park, greater than before.2. Hitting other supplies. The NSA says it ghost not release surefire documents seeing that it would reveal too far afield about the depository methods. Sometimes a considerate narration ghost indolent reveal supplies, i.e. the probabilioty that the balloons being talked about in whichever of their SIGINT documents referred to Taiwainese launched balloons over mainland Collectibles, and not to UFOs.Equally do you think?


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