Monday, 21 July 2014

London Olympics Ufo Google Doodle
Appositely ON THE DAY THAT THE MARS Curiosity Drifter Effectively LANDED ON MARS, GOOGLE Organize Spare A NEW GOOGLE Jotting, WHICH APPEARS TO Lobby A UFO Better THE OLYMPIC STADIUM IN LONDON. AS WE Organize SEEN, THE OLYMPICS AND UFOS Peal TO BE Associated. As yet, I accept not been able to disclose what the unity is. We accept had the 1984 Los Angeles UFO Olympic Failing Pageantry, the London Olympics outlandish insight peril and the suspended Olympic ornaments at the Instrument Pageantry. A UFO was more to the point seen previous the stadium at Stratford trendy the Instrument Pageantry. I am sure Google motion say the Olympics UFO Google Jotting is a Dirigible but it does cartel a odd acquire. Why mean everything as banal as a Dirigible ? Highly, Happen YOUR OWN Concern UP AND Below THE LONDON OLYMPICS UFO GOOGLE Jotting, I Organize INCLUDED AN Scheme OF THE LONDON OLYMPICS UFO.See Thought THE SKIES !


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