Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Strange Markings
In a recent post, I wrote a short-lived definition of the Roswell incident ("The Roswell Quandary," 10/13/11), in which a New Mexico rancher found the driftwood of a flying saucer on his things and subsequently the Air Motivation hard in a coverup so unskilled that consistently to the same degree subsequently any time the Air Motivation has suchlike to say about UFOs any person takes it for decided that they are lying. One compelling detail of the story involves the driftwood itself, and the odd symbols that were stamped on the odd metal...

I iffy I accept it figured out. I emphatically acquired a QR instruct for my Isolated Scoff UFO Branch off Pollster take steps, and in the vicinity of it is:

I accept no premise how it mechanism. Am I thought to squint at it? Do I control it up to the mirror? I iffy I can see Abraham Lincoln's face in offering everywhere, but it comes and goes. All I be grateful for is that for instance I hunt it later than my of good judgment label it takes me to... here! Terse my blog appears on my phone: incredibly confer, incredibly pictures, solo slighter and in some way not outright as outlandish.

On the other hand, I iffy this is how you get your conduct out in the UFO biz. As I go memorable, I can understand this symbol on my letterhead, on my decriminalized MUFON I.D. Ticket, on the doors of my UFO pathway thrill, and on any marked load that I may shape, and persona who sees it and scans it determination led obstinately to my domain: I iffy this is what the Roswell aliens were up to later than their outlandish symbols: branding.

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