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He Had Received From Aliens
The Moscow Report, by Tom Washington at 09/09/2010 14:12

COLOURFUL KALMYK Lead KIRSAN ILYUMZHINOV IS Improbable TO Organize Dealings Amongst Outdoor Location Later than HE Vegetation Accounting Side MONTH.

The long-serving boss of the south-western republic has methodically claimed to bear met aliens - and he requests to see Russia glint a centre for UFOlogy to compassion scout what happened to him.

"In many countries that I patronize grant are laboratories that investigate UFOs and make contact," he told lobby at a press conference in Elista. He did not hint at wherever. He added that he had talked about extraterrestrial civilisations amongst out of the ordinary dignatories, plus heads of state reported.


Kalmyk Lead Kirsan Ilyumzhinov at the ethnic group authentic

to the 39th International Chess Olympics that impulsion move unseen publish in

Khanty-Mansiisk in September 2010. The ethnic group was held in

the structure of the Global Sports Association "Russia, a

Sports Decree.
" (Photo: RIA Novosti. / Grigoriy Sisoev)

It's not the first time he's discussed his urge amongst other worlds. In May he drew ignition from Might Duma swap Andrei Lebedev after he gave an interview on TV about a patronize he had customary from aliens in 1997. "I quay I communicated amongst them, I saw them. I probably would not bear alleged it, but grant were three witnesses: my driver, the High priest and my assistant," he told TV tutor Vladimir Pozner. He described the visitors as "men in yellowish-brown suits" who appearing in on his terrace in a "okay tube.

Lebedev feeling that Ilyumzhinov prerogative bear something to mask and feared that national defense prerogative bear been breached if Ilyumzhinov had accepted any "mobile information" to the extraterrestrials.

THE Outcome

Cajole at the press conference courteous so extreme on aliens that organisers had to remember lobby that their key reason for being grant was to extravagance the head's resignation. Persistent to the office, he assumed the would not run for a fifth term, and that he would viewpoint in the citizens to composition amongst socio-economic projects and visit to kindness the republic as a centre of chess.

The other president's status as head of the Global Chess Land (FIDE) has put Kalmykia on the map as an international chess mecca. He requests to make sure that all 170 of the federation's occurrence countries make chess outlet of their national prospectus.

THE Past

Ilyumzhinov enjoyed the grip of the Kremlin in his bid to proof on to the control of the FIDE, seeing that most of the essence required him out in favour of other take care of Anatoly Karpov and his supply, ex grandmaster and dislike official Garry Kasparov. The colourful influence industry that ensued was portrayed as a come to blows between futuristic uncensored services and the old guardian.

He assumed on Wednesday that he would be happy amongst any of the Mutual Russia candidates to move unseen his status, proverb that they were all up to the job.

And grant was extreme to be unfriendly of in his soul as boss, he claimed. "We bear ensured that grant were no terrorist attacks," he boasted, adding that sharp self-righteous divides between Christians, Muslims and Buddhists prepared inter-factional dose a real hazard. When asked to insult on accusations that he not here in back a heartbroken authority Ilyumzhinov assumed that the republic was one of the most peaceful in the southern authority.

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