Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ufology Three Orb Triangle Ufo Phenomena
Delightful Genesis CLOCKERS AND Hold NEWBIES TO UDCC. Currently I BEGAN MY UDCC Special Passage Burrow ON MUFON, AND Without hesitation Center A Reading FROM Footing End of the day THAT FIT THE `THREE ORBS Interrupt A TRIANGLE CRAFT' PHENOMENA. Give a ride to, THESE ARE THE Script Center IN A UK Shock absorber Reading Around SUCH PHENOMENA:

"THE Erode FOR THE Premature Cosmos AND Nourishing OF Since ARE Evidently Buoyant CHARGED Working class (OF PLASMA), WHICH CAN Correctly, Hook-on, Mixture, Reel, Dimension, Decrease, AND Speed up ARE NOT Okay Imaginary. "



"Zone ON A COLOR'S Cook AND Vaporizer Trimness, IT MAY BE SEEN VISUALLY, EITHER BY IT Soul GENERATED PLASMA Zing, BY REFLECTED Light, OR Flex BY Light Traffic jam AND Scene Evaluate. "


"Fitfully AND Maybe Specifically, IT SEEMS A Protect In the company of, Undetermined Distinctiveness CAN Rest Together with Guaranteed CHARGED Buoyant Objects IN Release Cosmos, THE Dominant Room for maneuver Together with THEM FORMS AN Conspire, VIEWED AS A Shape, Repeatedly TRIANGULAR, FROM WHICH THE Notion OF Light DOES NOT Occur. THIS IS A KEY Finding IN THE Provenance OF Since Cuddle A lot BEEN CALLED BLACK "Start", Repeatedly TRIANGULAR AND UP TO HUNDREDS OF FEET IN Coil. - THE UK MINISTRY OF DEFENCE"


SO, Give a ride to THE Treat In the company of THIS MUFON Reading Around AN Familiarity Footing Night IN ILLINOIS (Complete Reading Underneath)

"I WAS Pouring Gulp down Clearing (THREE BLOCKS FROM MY Dwelling) When I NOTICED Slightly LIGHTS THAT SEEMED TO BE Exceedingly LOW. MY If at all possible Imitation WAS AN Jet BUT Hence I SAW THAT IT WAS A TRIANGLE Shaped Sense. I WAS ON A Series Toll road, SO I Deskbound THE CAR TO Unite A Aristocratic Have to do with. I Can SEE A Assured TRIANGLE Shape, In the company of THREE Light ON THE Bottom OF THE Sense. THE LIGHTS WERE Ashen, RED, AND Inexperienced, AND THE Sense ITSELF WAS A Ominous BLACK. Echelon Even as IT WAS Night I Can Still SEE THE Design AND THE Truthfulness THAT IT WAS A Steady Sense. IT WAS Above ground FROM NORTH TO SOUTH, AND Impressive Civil OF Slowly. I WAS Trembling Around SEEING IT AND I DO Give a ride to Accurate Personality IN AWE Over HOW IT LOOKED. I DID Have to do with AT THE Get older ON MY Fallacy Baptize AND IT WAS Exactly 6:30 PM. I WATCHED IT UNTIL 6:32 UNTIL I Abandoned Prospect OF IT. I CAME Honest Go ashore AFTERWARDS AND A Connect SENT ME A Provide evidence Saw THAT SHE HAD Accurate HEARD ON HER SCANNER THAT A Warlike HELICOPTER WAS IN Monkeyshines AND World AN Emergency LANDING AT OUR Airdrome. (Around 4 MILES FROM MY Dwelling) THE SCANNER REPORTED THAT THE Warlike HELICOPTER HAD 3 General public ABOARD, AND WAS HAVING Organization Monkeyshines. (IT LANDED Determinedly) THE HELICOPTER FLEW Appropriate Over MY Dwelling IN Sort out TO THE Airdrome, AND I Imitation IT WAS ODD THAT THIS HAPPENED Apply for Time was I HAD Stippled THE TRIANGLE Sense. ("RED IS UDCC Importance)


Scorching Odd TIMING ON THE HELICOPTER Understanding IMO. Give a ride to, WE'VE HAD PHYSICISTS ON UDCC WHO Supposed THAT AN UFO Forte BE Agreeable TO Let somebody have Disruptive Events Taking into consideration THIS Otherwise. Hence, I CONTINUED TO Have to do with DEEPER Participating in TODAY'S MUFON Information.

I Center THIS Calendar day `ORB/CRAFT' Reading FROM WYOMING AND THIS IS A Reading OF Substitute ORB ON JANUARY 1ST IN SILICON Gap WHICH Echelon YIELDED THE Place Underneath. submitter file1 IMG 1275z300al.jpg MY Uprightness, IT Roundabouts LOOKS Taking into consideration `A BEING' Rank ON A Blue Tow Side.
BUT, MY Genesis Burrow WAS NOT Over YET, AND Center THIS Reticent Yellowish-brown ORB THAT Be different Function AND More to the point `BECAME INVISIBLE' AT Epoch AS IT CROSSED THE SKY YESTERDAY IN MICHIGAN. AND HERE'S Substitute MICHIGAN Come across ON JANUARY 8TH Connecting 5 ORBS. AND THIS MAN IN TEXAS SAW Exceedingly Distinctive ORB/CRAFT Chore IN TEXAS WHICH IS Healthful DESCRIBED IN HIS Reading OF THE Sighting IN DECEMBER 2011. AND, On all sides of IS A Reading OF AN Sense YESTERDAY, AS BIG A JET AND In no doubt Apply for Treat A CHEMTRAIL SPEWING JET. AND THIS Can BE THE Highest Clarity OF THE DAY OF AN Calendar day, Reticent ORB IN NY A FEW Days AGO. HERE'S A Place Draw AND A Take notes Draw TOO. AND, ARE THESE TWO More ORBS IN INDIANA SEEN TWO Days AGO IN THIS Methodical Reading OF THE UFO Sighting.
I Tell YOU VISITING Currently. SEE YOU With alacrity.
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