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Former Mod Ufo Adviser States Britain Has Alien War Weapons
Britain has a panel of aircraft, drones and weapons that may perhaps be recycled to fight aliens in the act of an invasion from space, according to the government's originally UFO judge's assistant.

In an market research bearing in mind MSN, Stage Pope, who worked for the Ministry of Defence for 21 animation, believed that the same as Britain doesn't create a war plan, it certain had urbane quite guns to keep itself.

Mr Pope, whose job it was to conjure up on the imperil posed by other life forms, believed that in the act of an attack he physical that we would "in brief type our procedure for other terminated current war scenarios."

At reveal, he believed, hand over was no special organisation need Torchwood, the alien-hunting sphere from the BBC science fabrication series of the extraordinarily kind, but he believed he was sure that in the act of attack an plot may perhaps be set up in brief and to cut a long story short. Cosmos nations would conceivably tank their technology united need in films such as Freedom Day.

"Stage POPE"

Mr Pope said: "We do create every sort aircraft and drones and other weapons you won't see on the news for spanking 10-15 animation so if we did face a imperil from the perplexing hence regular if hand over is no Torchwood generally now, hand over would be whatever thing need it by hence and they certain would create more than a few fantastic kit to choose in the fight."

He said: "Space at the Taranis, which is a sort completed by BAE Systems. It looks for all the world need a spaceship in the measure."

So are aliens a threat?

The dignity government resolved is that UFOs yield "no significant defence imperil".

However, Mr Pope believed what that truly means is that "we don't discover".

"My contemporaries and I believed, doesn't matter what our dignity resolved - the one we gave to the colonize, media or upper house, - privately, everywhere five per cent of UFO sightings remained furtive, at the very smallest possible hand over has to be a achievable imperil."

How would we fight?

"One hunt would be testing to unite all the nations of the world. For natives who repute that spectacular, Ronald Reagan taking into account roundabout at it in a have a discussion to the UN. He believed 'I now and again repute how in brief we would set parenthesis our adjustment if we faced more than a few alien imperil from the other side.'"

So why is the government looking at UFO sightings?

"Relating 1991 and 1994, my job at the MoD was to picture the 200-300 reported sightings of UFOs in the UK all and sundry engagement to see if hand over was evidence of a achievable imperil or whatever thing of in style defence distress.

"One of the important that was multi-colored was that being state reported seeing UFOs these important were help of exclusive manoeuvres and speeds. They were far-off faster than our military jets so we popular to impediment out about the technology and if we may perhaps impediment it utilitarian.

"Defence scientists were very questioning in the fact they shove create more than a few compassionately of bizarre propulsion system."

So do aliens truly exist?

"I am tedious assured that pensive in the universe hand over necessity be other life and I am likewise assured that more than a few of that is separation to be incisive. I am open-minded about the hunt that more than a few of that life is visiting us down within but light as our space programme is reaching out to impediment out what is out hand over, it seems other life forms may perhaps be aggravated by the extraordinarily thing."

Being do aliens stare like?

"They impart in all shapes and sizes according to the state who create seen these important. Organize is a immense type of life."

"One of the important being discussed at the Majestic Refinement is that we may perhaps be firm bearing in mind two-faced life - a post-biological universe of cyborgs and robots.

"I mistrust hand over are thousands and millions of civilisations out hand over.

"We all desire it's light separation to be ET-style start burning aliens as diametrically opposed to a dangerous alien invasion."

Being one act has assured you of the existence of alien life?

"It's a case in the UK at Rendlesham Coppice, in 1980, in Suffolk involving two military bases. It was not a sighting of a UFO in the sky but a UFO that enormously landed. Specific of the witnesses described a smallish craft.

"It came on a insignificant night and being military job examined the landing site they found indentations in the ground and defence intelligence put assessed the radiation levels bearing in mind a Geiger counter and found radiation levels at eight period normal.

"We told upper house hand over was 'no defence importance but did so bearing in mind vernacular stalwartly in utter to the same extent you cannot create a UFO land involving two defence bases in the absence of it being of extra-large defence importance."

Being would you say to sceptics?

"The believers decently create to be right taking into account." - MSN

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