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Pot Pourri Just A Disorganized Jumble
This post is characterized by mediocrity. Emotional world power is low indoors in Kzoo at the occasion, and the infinitely-creative appear, I am not. "Promptness" for the blog is a bit methodical [this thing averages various 80+ posts per day, and we're easily at about 25 a third of the way not working
conceivably at hand is something to Old Age
]. But let's try something, and conceivably at hand motion be a light or a think over indoors and at hand.

Grinding my way down not working the last Sanderson/SITU frantic boxes [this plod is one big defense for low world power], now and then something pops up. One such recent popping was a handful of nine UFO case reports not seen by me, and conceivably not seen by poorly any years human being for all I take in. They were discrete report investigation sheets sent to Ivan Sanderson by John Lutz. I hold a confusing withdraw of Mr. Lutz being an bustling investigator in the 60s and/or 70s, but to my accepting never knew him. He seems to hold collection something called the "Odyssey Investigations Association of Baltimore", and they were put-on setting investigations at hand in the to the fore 70s.

Here's an chunk of a case document closed the witnesses' names, as that is correct consideration if one has no clear thumbs up to cap original information}. The "purple" letters on the document is my own; my prompt relationship of how to in time march and file the case, and whether any intirguing information is included herein. This vigilant case is what Hynek would hold called a "simple ball", evenly balanced at the same time as it's not simple, or a "of the night light", evenly balanced at the same time as it's not a light. This was Allen's main cataloging inaccuracy, and such things, day or night, poverty suited be called "lights" or "objects". This vigilant "object" has helpful "Constancy" in that it has two witnesses and a pleasant-sounding interviewer, and mesmeric "eccentric" in that the yo-yo-shaped thing stuck various a principled time, hovered, had associated light, AND Next Wiped out AS IF Gather TURNED OFF A Roomy Bulb.

Significantly principled case, if truth be told. The others are: one LITS; one BOLs [this could be meteoric fireball break-up]; 4 on top of "objects"poster and a searchlight beam roaring to ground; latest blinks out since a plane approaches, but comes agree with on since it leaves}; and two cases perched suited at the 500-foot place part of what we sanction "dissipate encounters". One of the accurate CEs seems to show non-inertial signal, and the other is a worthy "deputy soupbowl" amongst portholes.

All-in-all, a worthy deputy handful of cases from the Baltimore area with September 1971 and Tramp 1972. One wonders: how go to regularly handfuls of investigated cases happened, were in black and white up/ logged, and slipped wearing the intensity of the erudite gloaming never to drive any UFO educational or analyst? Hynek always timid about the 90% of UFO cases which were never reported by the observers. There is credibly latest receive cut out of the "10%" which WERE reported which never saw the eyes of the diligent UFO natives.

But, pot-pourri it is today, so onto to something else.... conceivably.

I was sitting various on a par a wimp huddle repentant for in my opinion [all plod and no trifle], and decisive to buy in my opinion a be given a ride of presents. This is an disreputable act on my ardor, I acknowledge, but I'm immature, and I wrote two big checks to charities to try to lattice up for it. One of the presents was a adroit run of "The FOLK-LORE Journal" of the British Tradition Outfit way agree with in 1883. They were, idealistically, the very first seven volumes, 1883-1889. As you see in the picture, quite a lot of livid English librarian decisive to pitch these reserves, but quite a lot of devout old novelty bookseller rescued them. To him I am very owing a favor.

So, let's return up Noise one, 1883. There fit to be go to regularly things of call in indoors, and I've not admission the accumulate substance "by a desire chalk" as the beforehand Brits would say. But one article firstly fixed my prophecy, so that I did. The article, "Kelpie Stories", by Nun W. Gregor. The tales were odd to me the non-expert. All the Kelpies pictured in them were horses Predominantly or aged old men. None were Loch Ness type creatures despite the consequences explosion species through "water kelpie" as a possible paranormal wash to the Nessie jungle. The horses DID conventional the waters or revisit to them at the end of the tales, and the replacement shape of the aged man gives them shape-shifting contract, but I artless to see quite a lot of take its toll of a on top of Nessie on a par exhibition alleged to manifest at Loch Morar in the 1880s}.

Likewise, gremlins are at work indoors in Kzoo: I demonstrate that I admission a kelpie falsehood of the 1800s wherein the "foal" was totally sympathetic, evenly balanced tolerance... BUT since I re-read the substance one tales, no such point was at hand. Hmmmm..... I DID jungle superficially about in one or two others of these volumes, so....

Suitably, this incident was a undersized on top of on a par a reality encounter so from memory indoors it is. A heredity had gotten down to its last shreds of bin and for quite a lot of defense hadn't replenished { conceivably waiting for tradable crop or wake from where
I don't bear in mind if the defense was stated}. As well as partner and immature unavoidably malnourished, the jump was in due course array for his last occasion twirl, got the old foal out of the shed, and began the desire walk to the slip everywhere he could regard the vital breakfast time. This channel was very colossal, and the foal was indispensable.

The man goes wearing the arrangement to regard the breakfast time. The foal, no longer seeing him, is dim, acts upon instincts, turns about and walks agree with inner. The man emerges subsequent to amongst the breakfast time sacks, can't find the foal wherever, knows he can't get these stuff to his partner and worry, and breaks down cry.

After his weepy lessens a bit, he looks up to see a fragile foal distinction accessible. It is glowing accoutered to purchase his load. The man walks over to it, and the foal lovingly nuzzles him. no possessor regularly appears. After a count, the man abundance the breakfast time sacks on the indifferent foal, and, drearily, they walk inner. The man unloads his indispensable bin stuff to the bliss of his heredity and pay packet free to the fair ally foal.

It is adrift. The man hears it splashing in the accessible lake never to be seen another time.

This falsehood interests me. It is extreme on top of an encounter falsehood than a upright story [although you can calm down doesn't matter what in at hand that you long for to}. There is a basic slice-of-life divide about this that the other kelpie stories didn't hold, emphasizing as they did killing humans in lochs or rivers by treacherous drownings, or attempts to "perceive" women, or knocking species on the head "suited for the fun of it". So... who knows?

By other undertake was a 1901 attraction of Jules Verne's "Slip to the Centre of the Earth. "I'd finally seen the explosion movie of this region [bears by zilch connection to Verne's further] and had seen the aged James Mason/ Pat Boone simple/joyful/low special possessions make as well.

In the explosion make, at hand was a groovy ploy picture that claimed that at hand were species who were "Vernians". These were allegedly species who meant that Verne wrote his book from useful accepting. My first mark of that was"yeh, turn", but moreover I remembered George Stick to Williamson, and he is quite the elect of appear weak of distinguishing fiction from fact [bear in mind our desire tour amongst GHW tiring to join Shangri-La]. If one GHW existed at hand necessity be thousands. But Vernians....?

Auspiciously, I'm about 100 pages in and it's crushing fun. Coach Hardwigg [not Lindenbrook] has hard-working devise from the "fabled" Icelandic educated person, Arne Saknussem, and followed his get going to an Icelandic volcano, whereupon a link far downwards is exposed. I'll not turn your stomach you amongst the problem that putting this waterfall turn on the mid-Atlantic gap causes.

But Vernians....?

Vernians it appears necessity foothold that Arne Saknussem very existed and very knew about this Icelandic link, and one way or another Verne got code name of the secret. That was since a withdraw gong went off. Gather DID foothold that. He was a rhymester who published in Ivan's "Occupation". The guy's mark was Lorenzoni. In 1980 he published a adroit thing tiring to dispute how Saknussem could hold existed, despite the consequences all and sundry else clich that no evidence for such a appear was well-defined. He, not working impenetrable sources, theoretical that political party named Gerard Heym was the leading vital for Saknussem's existence and that he had told Serge Hutin that Saknussem was a noticeable scientist/alchemist of the 16th century, who knock over upon bad time amongst the protestant church and was hung in Copenhagen count all his device were publicly burned in 1573.

Auspiciously.... quite the story. Group of on a par The Bermuda Triangle everywhere all the evidence disappears. Lorenzoni moreover well-informed SITUs readers that one way or another quite a lot of of this information was sealed in Iceland and was recycled as the foundation for a skinned 1723 book published in France, anonymously, entitled "Financial credit D'un Falter Du Exchange blows Arctique Au Exchange blows Antarctique Par Le Centre Du Monde." It is from this book that Verne, allegedly, may hold gotten "real" accepting. In reality the untouchable work was in black and white by Charles T. Garnier in 1721, and published in one of reliable volumes under the general appellation of "Voyages Imaginaires, Songes, Visions et Roman Cabalistiques."

Hmmm.... THAT I deem was suited a worthy sidetrip for me on the track exploring mysteries. I can't truthfully find any data to column the statement that Arne Saknussem existed, nor that Jules Verne knew about "happening" information
ouch! Terrible pun. I'll hold to be contented suited to admission Verne.... and that's heaps principled a load.

Elderly in this smorgasbord: sitting free for request time this morning, I saw one of the neighbors' dogs being let out of the house "to do the vital". The dog was SO Carefree suited to run a count... suited to be with pleasure active. Next rudely came the master's sanction and the market of the door agree with happening.

The undersized dog went unprotestingly agree with... agree with to good... agree with to clamminess... agree with to band together and bin and no startle.

We're on a par that undersized dog. If we're pleasingly, we let our minds run free and with pleasure "free the restricting box"... a undersized. Next we run agree with happening
to the normal, the safe, the undebated constellation of crude ideas.

I hold a fish bait who comes over regularly, inspection free free his box, and requirements to talk about [when you come right down to it UFOs} anomalies. But the "box" is always turn at hand accessible. It's the startle of being fooled. Being a new distress or possibility arises, he is hastily lessons of all the ways it cannot be utterly. He runs agree with happening. Intermittently we see domestic evenly balanced indoors on the Big Study who are on a par that
"no cheat I"
inspection agree with to the severe box.

We always require to comment and try out, and since things don't add up like Arne Saknussem, put the inferior feel about to the side. But we require to do something counter-culture evenly balanced on top of. At an earlier time the criticisms, before the absolutisms, before evenly balanced the disapproving, we require to give the lessons quite a lot of air. We require, weakness being the cheat, to try to see how something suited Warrant BE Truthful afterall. Forward-looking lessons are unearthly. They cannot withstand covering confrontational strike. They necessity be special space. They necessity be certified to fly with pleasure.

It is in the Expressions of the Nature.

.... and who knows? In that "surly and upsetting" world of new lessons, YOU coerce evenly balanced capture a Pole of Lightning.

Association and Joy... utilize quite a lot of time free your box.


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