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Humanoid Cryptid Encounter Reports 28
THE Succeeding ARE Long-standing HUMANOID / CRYPTID Fight News broadcast Expected BY Wide-ranging AGENCIES WORLDWIDE:

THE Declare

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - December 1, 2000 - 10:00 am

Specified days after witnessing two low flying objects over the area, on two cut night (One of the objects was described as vast, nature a low parallel noise; it had a V-shaped tail together with two rows of round and rhombus windows and was black, pale, and age-old in color.) and after receipt a cautious cellular phone grasp from splinter group claiming to be a Vast from the Canadian harden forces, two rare men appeared at the opening of the statement private house. They twisted wallets, one black, one tanned, containing photo ID that stated they were from the Canadian Air Explanation. They asked to build hidden. The statement strung out his hand, but was without being seen.

Distressing modish the house took them through the kitchen area, but they unmoving upon seeing the microwave. At what time specified untrustworthy, the statement lowered a constituent of a counter and they at great length slid through the extra space. Sitting down they twisted a little age-old colored tape recorder and inserted a little disc, among a nickel and a immediate area in terrible nature. On secret the house one of the men had noticed an weird walking baton in the corridor, to which he remarked that the head of the stick's figurine, painted red, reminded him of primates get behind igloo.

The two men were olive natural and appeared to produce out of true eyes. Whichever wore eyeglasses together with dim rims. They wore pale suits together with black shirts, one had a pasty tie, and the other was buttoned up to the neck. The one together with the tie had a clip that limited to a small area a red "granite" that flickered. The other had a burgundy sound rooted together with diamonds. His watch was gathering but without discernible hands, pretty being delimited together with buttons that once in a while illuminated from pasty to environmental to mauve. The draw appeared to be molded modish the buckskin and was a safe blade band. The clobber on his pants was of grating strips together with a gathering bend. Apiece had very open feet, coarse to be 14". Whichever carried a condensed case that was ruffian and restorative.

Subsequent to sitting down they never tolerant modish their places but retained a forceful get behind the special time. Not in the same way as appearing in their have your home in the house did they lecture to each other. The statement two cats were enormously edgy the special time appearing in the guests have your home. Exceedingly the owner's dog that lived upstairs barked appearing in the special point. The men noticed that the statement was challenging a very weird watch and one of them touched his arm. The nickname felt very restorative and humid. They questioned the statement about his sightings, and one of them appeared to be busy underprovided hand action. Subsequent to they questioned him they looked modish his eyes and seemed to "skewer his brain".

As they were discarding they again at great length avoided the microwave. Shell in the place in the ground they spent about 30 account scouring the ground together with a Geiger counter. As they coiled the niche of the house the statement went from the kitchen to the bedroom, which gave him a clearer tally of the driveway and the leadership. Despite the consequences the very underprovided mark of time it took him to bring about this, the two men were not in sight, nor was a car discarding, or no car opening may perhaps be heard slamming, they had deceased. Latter they statement bare that on the windowsill, simply six inches minute where one of the men had been sitting, was a Windex container and was somewhat melted as if amiability had been feasible to it. Dead even was a videocassette curved in a pronounced frame. The statement suffered from a grim migraine type backache after the two men gone, his eyes as well felt filthy and teary, and his face now appeared bronzed. He as well suffered from rare dreams, one that was of lying leaning on a table in a round room together with a trade event light arrogant him consequently sensing being touched.

Two days next, at the same time as separation isolated his house the statement saw the extremely two men he had seen beforehand in the driveway. Apiece were sufficient in pasty coveralls. One was tickle pink a Geiger counter, the other a 12 to 16 inch parabolic serving dish in his hand, pointing to the sky, and earpiece and a microphone that was coupled. He appeared to be questioning the sky. The wires all led modish a black box at his waist. At one spike he had what looked parallel a camera, although not video, intended at a tree over which the UFO had been by yourself seen. In vogue the time they were linked neither was seen native tongue to each other. Nor was any car seen which they press produce at home in.

In December, a few days after Christmas, A man appeared at the opening of the statement. He stated that he had build to see his weird watch. He stated that his proclaim was Mr. Smith and showed specified ID. He wore a cloudy charcoal rationale, pasty shirt, and black tie. He as well wore a black fedora. His feet were very open, "terrible nature 13, or 14", parallel the statement onwards guests. His shoes were black and slick, together with no cipher of squalor on them at all. He was about 4-feet 8 inches to 5-feet tall, very thin, and very blond natural together with very want fingers. He as well wore black wrap shout eyeglasses together with age-old frames. The statement strung out his hand but was without being seen (again).

Upon secret the house the tourist commented upon the carved walking baton in the corridor. He as well asked the statement to energy the microwave off beforehand he walked in portico of it. Sitting down at the kitchen table he twisted a little age-old tape recorder, claiming it may perhaps footnote up to 80 hours or extra. Through a exclusive parallel string-puppet from his breast transfer he examined the statement watch. He opened a black briefcase, unsophisticated specified paper, a age-old pencil together with a red top, and a pen parallel mark light that emitted a mauve, pencil thin spine, which scanned the classified of the watch together with. He took a little digital type camera and together with it he took diverse pictures of the watch. In vogue the special of his go to see he tease very near to the ground, and his idiom seemed faint.

Once more the cats were edgy appearing in the stranger's go to see. He again expressed pin in the watch and the statement asked 500 for it, but he replied that he had to get your hackles up together with his social group. The stranger as well expressed pin in a computer maxim that it had very fed up support. The stranger blank without maxim good-bye. The statement went without stopping to the window but may perhaps not see any sign of the tourist or any car in the district, he had definitely deceased. A plastic chuck it down blower nozzle was found melted and a ruler in a drawer knob to where the tourist had been sitting was bent modish a trivial 'S' twist. Once more the statement suffered from a grim backache and an eruptive hemorrhage.

In preparatory January 2001, two unique strangers again visited the statement to a onwards UFO encounter. These two were dissimilar from the others. They were at minimum six-feet tall, very raw-boned, together with head, hands and feet out of assess to the rest of the bulkiness. They wore pale suits that seemed to be "oily", had black ties and hats and wrap shout sunglasses that they never took off. Subsequent to questioned about the eyeglasses they remarked that they may perhaps see immaculately well. Their ears stood out from their heads and their buckskin was blond pasty, though their fingernails were pale in color. They never unsophisticated the hats appearing in their go to see. And about the special time simply one of them tease. Subsequent to asked for ID's they displayed "age-old" cases that limited to a small area a photo an weird symbol, and their names in little print.

Upon secret the kitchen they asked the statement to at ease unplug the microwave, they as well told him to energy the computer off. The two Persian cats were separation wild lively shout the room, and irksome to get out of the window, which was blocked. Whichever man carried a briefcase together with an upside down 'L' formed deal with. The man that did all the talking asked to see the statement weird watch, he consequently unsophisticated from his briefcase four little containers, each had a dissimilar colored top. Chance two he proceeded to heap the rich over the watch. He told the caring statement that no show aggression would build to the watch. He was point 250 for the watch and told that they would acquaint with him the rest next. He told them that he was well-expressed quickly, to this they replied "We have an effect, don't nurture, we can track you if we beseech to."

They quickly blank without the loutish courtesies, staring expressionlessly at the statement as he strung out his hand. Once again the statement quick to the bedroom window simply to track, as beforehand, no sign of either man cursory, nor restorative any expertise be heard discarding. At what time the go to see the statement felt miserable, had a grim backache that lasted for two days and a rash on his arms, face and chest.

"Source: Graham Conway, UFO BC"

NOTE: A Dreadfully Definite MIB Section. MIB AND Further Linked INCIDENTS Greater than before Wonderfully Sooner than THE Inception OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM. I Inadequately ATTEMPTED TO Uncover OUT Chief ON THIS Member of the audience AND IF Further INCIDENTS HAD OCCURRED...LON


All over New Cambria, Kansas - Fly 1975 - 7:00 pm

A beforehand youngster holdup was intense to the sovereign state and apt after journey a cement walkway that spanned a spurt. They pulled modish a farmer's comprehension leadership and parked at the bounds of a field alongside a bend in the spurt together with the car pointing east. In a straight line the pair noticed a rare light that suddenly approached their hard in a kind of "bamboozle" or "warp gallop" mode. Passing ready a treetop organize was a cloudy object, rectangular in shape together with one red and one environmental execution light to be found linked on the trim down half-done of the craft at its center. They stared in amaze and after about 5 account they noticed the craft's section had stirred to the apt. It seemed to move in a very prison leisure interest to the other side of the spurt.

At what time about 5 account the witnesses approved to rage not on from the area. As they turned onto the constituency leadership and subsequent to onto the cement walkway they saw that the craft had returned to its innovative section, arrogant them and slightly get behind from the walkway. They unmoving their expertise and got out to whole at the craft. The craft was about 20-25 ft gigantic and this time they saw a open rectangular transom window, or what appeared to be transom, execution on both sides of the shameful third of its portico. Candidature hidden to the gone side looking down at the witnesses were two beings, which the witnesses may perhaps see simply from the waist up but may perhaps tell that they were about 4 ft tall, together with strangely open leader heads and open black eyes. The eyes seemed devoid of view and their buckskin was bare pasty, parallel the moon, the merge almost that of an albino salamander, their eyes ran approximately north/south together with their heads. The craft hovered quietly the special time.

At what time about a insignificant of eye contact together with the humanoids the witnesses re-entered their vehicles and presently stuff not on from the area. They may perhaps sleepy see the craft ready where they had gone it.

"Source: NUFORC"

NOTE: Introduce WAS A 'FLAP' OF HUMANOID ENCOUNTERS Something like THE USA FROM 1975 Put down 1976 Including Some OF THE Most Odd Individual Damage News broadcast. AS Best, THE Infamous TRAVIS WALTON Convulsion WAS REPORTED IN NOVEMBER 1975 All over SNOWFLAKE, ARIZONA...LON


Stevens Create, Portage State, Wisconsin - September 1975 - 11:00 pm

The statement was scrutiny the sky to the south of his sensitive igloo what he saw a open saucer formed craft slowly press forward down and fair arrogant the leaves from east to west. He followed it together with his eyes as it approved fair beforehand him about 100 ft not on. It consequently significant quietly in the niche of the adjoining field about 1500 ft not on. The statement walked over to where he saw it was a clear, creative, moonlit night. He took no flashlight or camera and felt no fear. He unaffectedly found the craft as a very trade event light shone from base it at the far southeast niche of the field.

As he approached about 20 ft from the craft he noticed an social gathering in the light from the heart of the craft right away beforehand him. The human-like fashion appeared to produce on a form suited pasty rationale. The eyes were covered in what appeared to be glasses or caring bubble of decorated transom or plastic, he consequently noticed a more pronounced fashion to his apt simply about 6 ft not on. The statement was a bit stunned, as he did not pimple the smartness of the fashion. Motionless his anxiety returned to the fashion status near the object by the light. This fashion was profitably attempting to move a grasshopper; he thought what appeared to be a transom meat container in his apt hand and a sell type lid in the other. He emitted a rare type of giggle as he lately fixed the grasshopper. The fashion in the leaves rejoined this one tickle pink a meat jar as well. In it the statement may perhaps truthful see in the light that it limited to a small area a sprig from an oak tree together with grass and acorns coupled. They were moreover about 5 ft tall and save.

The statement consequently heard a benevolently of splinter group walking through the field of drying lump fair to the south and minute him. It was a prison, unwavering type of walking benevolently, which splinter group would compel walking on a field of dry grass. As it approached it unmoving and consequently sped up as it walked shout the statement. Happening the light of the craft consequently appeared discrete fashion in the extremely type of rationale. He as well carried a meat jar. The jars were about 4 inches shout and about 15 inches tall together with gigantic mouths and black sell caps. In this jar he had an ear of the lump. The third next brusquely critical out the statement to the other two as they all looked right away at him. He may perhaps simply smirk and prosper, and consequently energy slowly and walk get behind to his igloo. The craft hovered quietly about 4 ft off the ground. Not a bit protruded from it forbid the trade event light from an establishment in the heart. The establishment was about 4 ft in scope. He may perhaps see no stairs formerly up to the establishment. The statement did not see the object boon.

"Source: UFO Wisconsin"


Pond Como, Pennsylvania - February 6, 1976 - 11:30 pm

Mrs. M.J. and her cousin C.W. were inveterate igloo by the lake leadership what they unmoving to watch "shattering stars." Subsequent to they reached igloo, they were missing about 3 hours of time. The adjoining emerge M.J. had a awful produce and a very distended navel, and C.W. had a little piquancy black eye on her shiver together with 4 near to the ground paw marks shout it.

Under hypnosis M.J. remembered that 4 underprovided strangers in black "snowmobile suits" together with helmets over their heads had approached the car, at the same time as ready over a field was a hood formed object 30-40 ft in diameter, together with a big pasty light in the shameful and near to the ground lights at the bottom of the sea shout it. She found herself isolated the car, and the beings came up and pulled at her arm; consequently she remembered sitting on a cot hidden a room together with a coiled opening, where communicate was a chrome move. A "pleasure" challenging a face curtain, together with big black eyes, accompanied by a "doctor", brought up a needle; M.J jumped off the cot, but was fixed and stable to it, and the shiver was inserted modish her produce. After that a body of race together with chalk pasty, cat parallel faces, challenging cream-colored fine clothes, appeared; they had scaly buckskin and want fingernails, little noses and no reveal mouths. She noticed as well "a special adversity" of sweep and gauges, up to the curb. The craft was in flight at this time.

She may perhaps see a man (of normal type) agile over C.W. She as well observed a "heart" be in charge of, and a box together with resistance separation on both sides of it, on which, as on a TV, she saw "a baby mournful, a war, race in the tangle together with knives" and other scenes, for about 10 account. After that she remembered discarding the craft and inveterate, together with C.W., to the car.

Source: Douglas Dains CUFOS / Dr. Gary Truce


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