Monday, 7 July 2014

King Ufo Program Binnall Of America
My Trickster's Realm: "Exhilaration and Coincidence," is up now over at binnall of america.

Also on the site is Tim Binnall's piece Larry King's UFO Show, on the Larry King "UFOs: Are They Real?" program on the 13th. The show was just what we'd expect, and it was dismal. I think it inspired many of us observers of the esoteric to comment. (I did: see "The Persistence of Chronic Skepticism.)"

Tim's article cracked me up; I almost spilled my morning coffee all over the laptop as I was checking the dailies before work. Tim doesn't hang back at all, and he's come up with some precious comments, like calling the program "the festivus" and referring to Michael Shermer as "esoterica's resident douche bag." Okay, that's not mature at all and it's an ad hominin. Still, it made me laugh. I also loved his calling Shermer a "clown shoe," that's a far more creative term.

I agree with Tim's thoughts; way too many people on the panel, and jumping around from the Phoenix Lights to Roswell to Aldrin's weird this is a rocket ship kids show and tell. (Which was inspiration for another article; it'll be up soon. I sense an agenda there. Yes, I know, I'm the agenda Queen.)

Other good things on Binnall of America as usual, so be sure to take a look.

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