Wednesday, 2 July 2014

5 Most Secret Military Aircraft
UFO? Try top secret military aircraft. These are the most guarded military airplanes, jets and space planes flying today, in addition to the wicked Aurora black triangle, the Boeing X-37, the new Northrop Grumman unmanned RQ-180 stealth drone, the Blackstar space bomber, and stealth Black Hawk helicopters. These dreamlike black projects were industrial under the watch of the US Air Compel, the US Wretched, the CIA, the US Armed forces and NASA. Sooner than a number of sightings, they've been the dead person of conspiracy theories and investigations for decades. Hardened in top secret locations parallel Area of expertise 51, evidence and footage is difficult to consider but rumors of their existence support to control. So bend up for a be drawn against at the 5 most secret military aircraft, and don't be stunned if you encounter a bit of commotion... Ship's mast to Facebook: Subscribe to Dark5 Bit Dark5 on Google+ Duplicate Dark5 on Facebook Info On Further Top Prank Aircraft: TR-3A / TR3A Black Manta: TR-3B / TR3B Astra: Russia Ayaks: Breakables Somber Sword, J-20 and J-31: SR-72: Music: "Hostile Mercantile Outing Hop" by Bloodredtape Intro: "The System Thinks" by Kevin MacLeod ( Trained under New Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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