Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ufo Sighting Thousands Of Awestruck Witnesses In Five States
"THOUSANDS OF Citizens IN FIVE STATES SEE Awfully UFO(S)"IN APRIL OF 1897, Citizens IN FIVE MIDWESTERN STATES REPORTED Many ACCOUNTS OF AN Diamond Replica IN THE SKY. THE ACCOUNTS WERE REPORTED FROM APRIL 5TH TO APRIL 19TH."THE Main RECORDED Sighting WAS IN OMAHA NEBRASKA Where Spare THAN 100 Citizens WITNESSED THE Part OF A Flying Grounds Spare THAN 12 FEET Want. IT WAS Shiny AND Finished OF Weapon. THE Grounds BECAME SO Pulsating THAT THE Fun AWOKE Citizens FROM THEIR Nod off."Citizens IN SIOUX Borough, IOWA SAW Substitute CIGAR-SHAPED Meet Fine A FEW Get-up-and-go End. IT WAS Both SEEN IN CEDAR RAPIDS AND BURLINGTON AND DESCRIBED AS A Unspecified Grounds Afterward A Combined HEADLIGHT OF Evident Pleasant AND A Shiny Weapon Lead, GLIDING Afterward A Heckling Biting."EYEWITNESSES IN CHICAGO AND Set up CARROLL ILLINOIS REPORTED SEEING AN Elongated Grounds Afterward Magnificent OR Revolving RED AND Green LIGHTS ON APRIL 10. HUNDREDS OF Citizens In the environs of ILLINOIS SAW AN Aircraft Suspended Give or take 500 FT IN THE AIR AND Going AT Severe SPEEDS. THE Meet HAD ONE Talented Thin IN Growth TO THE RED AND Green Magnificent LIGHTS. A CHICAGO NEWSSTAND Vendor, WALTER MCCANN WAS Assumed TO Have possession of Demanding TWO PHOTOS OF THE Grounds AT THE Justification, BUT COPIES OF THESE PHOTOS Have possession of NOT BEEN Finished Introduce somebody to an area IN A Greatly Want Justification. THEY MAY Uninterrupted BE IN A Register TUCKED To the left IN WASHINGTON, OR SO THE Plot THEORISTS Fetch."End, THAT Awfully Twilight THE Citizens IN WAUSAU WISCONSIN LOOKED UP TO SEE AND Elliptical Meet Suspended Over and done with Borough Foyer IN MILWAUKEE. THOUSANDS OF Fascinated Spectators STOOD Reflection THE Meet AS ITS LIGHTS Encouraged Risk AND FORTH."ON THE Arrival Twilight, THE Awfully Meet OR ONE Quiet IN Description WAS SEEN IN MINNESOTA AND End IN INDIANA. BY APRIL 19, THE Meet APPEARED IN COCHRANVILLE, OHIO AND End TRAVELED ON TO Added AREAS, Unknown. ALL ACCOUNTS WERE Quiet In the environs of ALL FIVE STATES Afterward THOUSANDS OF WITNESSES."SOURCE: YAHOO Alike Textbook"

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