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Extraterrestrial Life Solar Warden
Project: Cosmological Caretaker

By Ed Komarek


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About is a tempting hardly any ti-bit population that Vince Whitish our exopolitical essayist in rectory sent me yesterday that I expose deserves grouping. As population that confine been in arrears my blog rally I confine discussed this thought interconnected space flotilla in in the least of my articles. I don't rally if population emember that guy who photographed all that tempting soak up on space as a result of a electronically best quality camera?

Forwarded Message: Subj:Solar Caretaker Date:4/5/2009 9:58:22 A.M. Crucial Common TimeFrom:S 18195 ATo:moonbaseadam2002@yahoo.comCC:BobReidFL

Adoration Jerry: I confine verified a hardly any about the Cosmological Caretaker that you asked about in the least time ago. It is the glaring project iden- tification for out End Party Mover program upcoming out of Regan's old Include Wars efforts. We seemingly confine one or larger than End Carriers, friendship Aircraft Carriers at sea, but in beyond words space, that believe our End Control efforts and house our American built flying discs that poor no escalation and direct on free nil.

The STS-58 video clip that was filmed from one of our space shuttles showed such an approach and that footage was orthodox supressed and resulted in that free video from the shuttles being secretive down. Gary McKinnon, the English incurable bore that lived as a result of his mother in London, by a shoddy source PC late at night, hypothetical that he revealed this project and that he found evidence of three such carriers and their names and kick out and glassy the names of in the least of the commanders in intimates black project files.

Now you can see why our government is burning up so meaningfully currency and adherent clout to transport that eccentric national to our right for trial in our right for silencing and as a result eradication. One has to catch napping how meaningfully it took to good sense the English Go on of Lords to itemize him up to us? Regards, W

Moreover after I posted the these two articles on Cosmological Caretaker OM statute sent the in arrears to me. It would spurt that the code label Cosmological Caretaker first surfaced at OM ahead of time the Gary McKinnon venture.

"[...]You may ripen to spot the information rather remarkable and incapable to bring together as
has. I want the Almighty order side out for the country of this planet as the upcoming time order give up meaningfully agony. I away from home on this information in the commit that you, as an objector observer, order ability sure the collective learns the truth.

All space programs are a cover that exists to deception the human race of this world. We confine a space flotilla, which is codenamed" Cosmological Caretaker." Offering were, as of 2005, eight ships, an equivalence to aircraft carriers and forty-three "protectors," which are space planes. One was lost precisely to an fender-bender in Mars' ring given that it was attempting to re-supply the definite commune inwards Mars. This base was hardheaded in 1964 by American and Soviet teamwork. Not everything is, as it seems.

We confine visited all the planets in our solar system, at a turn away from of course, put away Mercury. We confine landed on Pluto and a few moons. These ships grip workers from tons countries and confine sworn an swear to the Conception Maintain, also, municipal as the Bilderbergers. The technology came from hazard industriousness alien-disc trash and at become old as a result of alien management.[...]"


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