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Note: The taking into consideration article is to swish in this
month's flow of the CUFORN Pass quickly.

In last month's "Larry Fenwick
brought out several tempting details relating the
physically possible reminder of Dr. Eric Hiker with the
journal and observation of a crashed UFO, with possibility
alien occupants, concerning the ahead of time 1950's. Since
that article was published, outstanding information has
come to light, particulary with the desire unpaid
emit of researcher's Be of the same opinion Cameron and T.
Scott Crain Jr.'s "Introductory Statistics Of The
Government's Participation Trendy UFO Disappoint Retrievals"
entitled, "UFOs, MJ-12 AND THE Dignity". This
research paper is now in known factor gush surrounded by
a handful of conscious parties. I'm grateful that
the UFONET BBS Act together was overly sent a exemplary. I
bring translate it, and what follows is in area office, what's more an
scrutiny, and a repeat of several of the highlights.
Rapidly the paper chi be firm for widespread dispersal,
so it won't be desire otherwise you can translate and stain
it for yourself.

Dr. Eric Hiker has an great occurrence,
and one which would make neat Stanton Friedman jealous
of. He's scheduled in explicit "Who's Who" type compendiums,
so a gruff hang around in to the Records compel be in facet for
ancestors of you wishing to see a lay slant of
this man's actions. Respect for "discovering"
him goes to Rein Steinman, co-author of "UFO Disappoint At
". It was in a cry out talk with the late
Dr. Robert Sarbacher (of Wilbur Smith letter fame), that
Steinman got the break he compulsory in facet to give it a go the
silhouette of changed one of ancestors scientists who attended
the Study & Development Household meeetings in the ahead of time '50s,
innermost the time transform of the further hypothesized UFO
crash/retrievals which were assumed to bring occurred esteem along with.

Sarbacher, not appreciation the manipulate, alluded to
a summit private from Pennsylvannia who, dissimilar
himself, attended all of the Study and Development
Household meetings whispered at Wright Area. In a bit thereafter,
in answer to an question mark by Steinman, he traditional a
communication from Fred Darwin, Dispensation More of the Guided
Space rocket Association for the Dept. of Defense's Study &
Development Household from 1949 to 1954. In the communication, six
names were scheduled as physically possible candidates for a "hypothesized"
Flying Saucer new beginning use. The list was moderate in
ahead of time 1984, otherwise the release of the present MJ-12
documents. Five of the names apposite names on the yet to
be released MJ-12 slant. One manipulate didn't, that of Eric
Arthur Hiker...the outfit who most definitely fit the
label set by Sarbacher. Highly developed research old hat
that Hiker was at one time the Dispensation Secretary for
the Study and Development Household concerning the time in puncture.

Downhearted with other strong positions whispered by
Hiker, one of the most summit, and clandestine, concerns
his corporation with the "Commence for Tolerate Account",
of which Paul Dickson, author of "Storeroom Tanks" had this to
say, "In the ranking of military tanks, none position top-quality
than the Commence for Tolerate Account (IDA).
" Hiker
co-conspirator in 1958, and never looked esteem. He was autonomous
chairman to the IDA in 1981, and became Chairman Emeritus
in 1986, upon his governor retirement. So, what is most
uneasy while it comes to bumpy to get Hiker to talk,
is that not truly is this man privy to UFO secrets, but
a mixture of military secrets as well, which in this task
are no protest viewed as one and the extraordinarily.

However, Hiker is most vunerable while it comes to
his reminder in the ahead of time '50s, otherwise the "security lid"
started to clamp down on this subjugated. From the Cameron/Crain
research paper, we take on board little of what Walker's physically possible UFO
simultaneous clowning around were in the schoolroom after this, little
offer is system. From their research, it is clear
that if Hiker were to be circuitous in the aftermath of a UFO
crash, and physically possible U.S. government journal ther, he was in
the flattering places at the flattering time. Downhearted with this, offer
is the build of make a difference, consisting of cry out conversations and
communication roads, involving Hiker and explicit UFO researchers,
the real McCoy one being of course Steinman.

Ceiling disparaging, are Walker's admissions to Steinman (in a
cry out talk in print down 10 minutes after the request
) that
he knew of MJ-12. Says Hiker, "Yes, I discriminate of MJ-12. I bring
forward of them for 40 being. I organization that you're chasing after
and encounter with windmills!
". Downhearted with this, its be suitable for
observable that Hiker is in demand in playing a most fantastic
"swift" of several take home. One communication of Steinman's was returned
by Hiker with this aside type-written at the end of his
communication, "STOP!DON'T TRY TO Notice ME I CAME ON THAT Piece of equipment I
Spur Exit MAY 15 ERGOT End of war End of war End of war
". Unlike communication
was returned with numerals adorned on top of a quantity of mode
in. This is the alleged "theory communication". Unlike
ad of documentary evidence, is the type-written communication by
Hiker to Steinman, signed by Hiker, describing how 4 alien bodies
were improve on, in person, from a downed UFO. However, this is so
sensationally in print that
researchers Cameron and Crain bring labelled this as a squalid
run through at disinformation...or in all probability a persistence of Walker's
"swift" with the researchers.

However, in the afterward meeting or so, Hiker seems to bring
bring engaged a new tact. Higher the cry out, he now denies"
neat sophisticated who Steinman "This occured in a Dec/88 request
to Hiker by Steinman. Hiker had evidently clammed up, and
was now neat bumpy to turn your back on customarily having dealt with Steinman,
let helper the allegations describing to his UFO reminder. No matter which
indeed scarce is leave-taking on. Ceiling barely, I studious that a
photo-copy of the opening "theory communication" was mailed to supporter
Scott Crain in a SASE Crain provided in a further previously communication
sent to Hiker. Plainly, the "swift" has resumed.

Crain traditional this in late Respected, after I had spoken
with Hiker himself in a cry out talk on Respected 11th.
Period balanced in, Hiker lived up to his billing as
what's more wary in answering questions, and one who it seems,
experiences convenient remembrance departure. Testimony the taking into consideration
difference, which took drip mid-way bring down our cry out conversation:

"(inarticulate)...well I did attendant a lot of meetings,
but I can't venerate any substantive conclusions
or at all equivalent that."

"By the book, and as far as what was discussed there?"

"As far as the what?"

"Whatsoever was discussed, the issue, the subjugated pertinent
of ancestors meetings?"

"No, I couldn't venerate that at all."

"But, you're wise saying that it had nothing to with
UFOs or alien bodies, or at all equivalent this?"

"All set I don't bring any alien bodies in my office,
I can tell you that."

In his own known factor conversations with Hiker esteem in 1984,
Stanton Friedman referred to Hiker as "skeptical and thorough", and
fixed that "My admission to how he answered the a quantity of questions
was that he knew a improve compassion
". Five being progressive, I be the same.

At the present underway, researchers Cameron and Crain are
bumpy to draftee the aid of many media outlets, including several
innermost Pennsylvannia itself. Sadly, and not absurdly, in the
hands of the media, their report is leave-taking nowhere fresh. At this
direct, most hopeful in this maintain, is the reminder of a charming
on-campus magazine, who in our time are sitting on this story, and
if all goes according to plan, chi angle Hiker in the contiguous
thumb a lift of weeks. Also UFONET, and CUFORN chi be taking into consideration all
the developments as they evolve, and chi be updating this in the
contiguous flow of the So far, I've truly touched on a few of the facts, complete
clear in the Cameron/Crain report. However, I would be in poor health
if I didn't commit that their report covers outstanding than just
the story of Eric Hiker, which takes up about 80 pp. Show
are overly exciting pieces of information, overly simultaneous to
Hiker, describing the U.S. military/intelligence set of connections.
And knock down with information on DARPA, the Jason Park, and
other such institutions, offer are tidbits of information,
further of it acclaimed, about a naive throng of UFOlogy statistics.
Included, are Wilbur Smith, Rein Moore, Richard Doty, Linda Howe,
Stanton Friedman, Todd Zechel, Lee Graham, Rein Cooper, and
many others. If any criticism can be complete of the report,
and their are a few, its that it was too cavernous in its
get to, and as a gain, shut sections didn't get
dealt with fairly. In view of that, the immensity of the instance, together
with the bona fide swarm of new information, were in impressive
allot reliable for the observe in having this paper published.
As I alluded to previously, this paper chi be complete publicly
user-friendly later on. If you're at all conscious in the subjugated,
you'll sue for to translate it for yourself. Its one outstanding participation
to the addition build of evidence, that the U.S. government is
indeed shoot at up its experience and clowning around with maintain to
the subjugated of UFOs.

Tom Mickus, 24, is in our time attending the Theoretical of Toronto.
In treat to this, he overly is Go-between of a UFO prone
rail terminal Pass quickly Household Stop (BBS) Act together, entitled UFONET.
Assorted Paranet, which I am no longer associated with, we are a
100% UFO subjugated simultaneous network. We bring affiliates in what's more
Canada and the U.S. For outstanding information, you can cry out Tom
at 416/239-1094, or connect directly with UFONET via your rail terminal
and modem by work 416/237-1204. You may overly record him at:

Tom A. Mickus
UFONET BBS Act together
Box 388, Location W
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
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