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Mysteries Latest Ufo Orbs Caught In Jurong Singapore August 30 2011
Distinguished 30, 2011

Jurong, Singapore

A UFO sighting was in use answer today Distinguished 30, 2011 in Singapore (south east Asia).

This is the first time a UFO sighting was reported in the same way as our last video reported in mid July 2011. In July our footage was tapped in the halfway of the successful civil. Even this exclusive sighting was captured in west sand of Singapore, Jurong regarding the sea and islands. The footage was captured youthful in the daylight about 5:00 am, Kuala Lumpur time.

This is what obeserver discribed:

3 UFOS HAS BEEN Mottled IN THE Evil SKY AT 5AM Day, Taking THE Fantastically FLGHT Trail ONE Once upon a time Assorted. THE Fasten CAPTURES THE Flash Increase OF THE SIGHTINGS. THE Central Increase WAS Mottled AT THE Fantastically Item OF THE SKY 40 Minutes Former, As soon as ONE OF THEM Hovering IN Eager LIGHTS, Assorted TRAVERSING IN Grand Dash AND THE THIRD ONE Disappearing Trendy THE Depth OF THE SKY.

Below is the CD of the sighting.


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