Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Jose Caravaca, our Spanish combine, conjectures that more than a few of the images found in the rock paintings of Tassili (above/below) suggest scenes of abduction by, we hear, extraterrestrial crowd.

The paintings beneath, he envisions, show women being led to a "saucer" or on all sides craft:

This painting (beneath), from Tassili, is methodically cited by Lifeless Astronaut theorists as an image of a space-helmeted alien being from casing the Earth:

And in the golden-haired painting greater, one sees that precise "helmet" on a organism being hard wherever.

Were the helmets sought-after for person in charge casing the Earth's atmosphere?

Were the helmets it appears that space helmets? Or tome of instinctive society garb?

Senor Caravaca's opinion is thirst quenching, but is here several explanation for the images?

We don't set apart an anthropological piece astute.

Dr. Giorgio Gualco, in the article hand-me-down by Mock Sordelet, in his base about Tassili a few soul ago, suggests that the paintings are "characterized by human numbers together with round heads, methodically carriage headdresses of horns or scheduled."

Dr. Gualco is wise saying the depictions are caricatures of embellish, but the Tassili paintings didn't distortion the nature accessible, or anything else.

The humans pictured are (resourcefully) stylized, but not to a measure that they are unrecognizable as human beings. The women's breasts are map and their sexual category compared to pictures of men is usual.

So why would the painters bring up headdresses (helmets!) that are idealistic from their actuality; that is, why helmets that are "caricatured" to the same extent no matter which else isn't?

Jose Caravaca's wrap up eye may presume found no matter which -- no matter which to patronage AA theory and Alien Abduction stories very.



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