Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Truth Is Out There
"The Certainty Is Out Near" is a documentary by Phil Leirness that covers UFOs, aliens, ghosts, government conspiracy theories, the banking conscientiousness, bane cures, the New Ball Dispose, 9/11, residents control, quantum mind and aloof.

No too further of an errand huh?

Rank about it, the film kinda makes me interpret of "Religulous" for the conspiracy theory set.

It's hosted by Dean Haglund, who you may advise as Richard "Ringo" Langly from the X Documentation and The Individual Gunmen.

Why devour Langly as the host?

Well X Documentation and LG were / are whichever like a log ensconced in conspiracy theories (raise the pilot result of The Individual Gunmen?)

They screened The Certainty is Out Near, at the Bay Cut up UFO X Fest, which is one of the principal UFO Shampoo Fest and Conferences in the world, and from what Phil Leirness thought in an trial, the itchiness was violently sure.

Expound is the billboard for the film...

And yes, your eyes did not swindle you, that IS a Individual Gunmen reunion!

You can bit out aloof about the film at their website here:

And hold back them out at Facebook here:


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