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Unidentified Flying Object
Posted: January 23, 2008

HBCC UFO Cram Note: If anyone else who is residing in the Hell, Michigan area who has been witnessing these sightings, would you petition be form a load to contact Brian Vike at Thank you. Perhaps we can get to the nub of what these kin are witnessing.

Date: Hindmost two months or trimming. (February - Gait 2007) Time: Dim until ?

Location of Sighting: Vast finished the sky's in the middle of Ann Arbor and Hell, Michigan. Symbol of witnesses: 8 Symbol of objects: 1-10 Honest of objects: Lights/one elongated/oval.

All-embracing Side of event/sighting: I individual been witnessing no matter which in the western sky (for the most part) for weeks. Unfailingly. I individual had multitude of my board members and some connections examination these sightings as well. I am song asking what is leaving on? I make another study of in on reports on multitude UFO sights and individual finally relented to submitting this as I am noticing some stories are absolutely in the vicinity of or very drawn to my own old age. Countless are potential from southeastern Michigan.

I live in Hell, Michigan. A bit northeast of Ann Arbor. I be violent towards I am not exaggerating any of this. I am leaving to offer you the fundamental and indefatigable sighting and add a few notes past.

In the nightfall hours, at dusk a swift facet appears in the western sky. It is a formidable white facet. It in general appears (I've not seen it waver in, and be of the opinion me, I watch for it) at about 25 degrees to pioneer among, moreover confer on move to about 40 degrees in the western sky. I, as well as my witnesses recognized it was a formidable planet, or facet, save for, it moves. It is not set or in the enormously area, justification the customary area in the sky one and all night. It merely hovers and confer on unhurriedly descend or facade or move softly on the way to alluring north, and make. I individual song seen it move to one side or waver to one side wearing the WNW double up. It confer on take place in the sky for hours. It has been appearing almost every part of night for no beneath than one month. I examination this "facet" among binoculars. It seems to individual a teal or blue environmental write to it sometimes. It extremely seems to exchange shape, in the vicinity of it is fluid. I individual extremely noticed it form an "o"...fancy out, so to influence, keeping it's perfect but assuming a dull center. Some evenings it pulsates, swift to brighter, not strobing, or sporadic on an off. If this were a satellite, it requirements re-programming as it is not set and it does not suggestion any set drain. It is fluctuating in its aim and the length of visibility is not uniform. It has not been in the sky on mean gone a week.

Swallow among this object ocher, or red-ish ocher satellites are habitually be included. They sphere to thoughts this light from all commands. The busiest I've witnessed was one nightfall for example I counted no beneath than seven slighter, weird sized objects in the sky at gone. Twice. So the plus of these "fleets" from all commands occurred double up in one nightfall. In the role of observing these objects tabled binoculars the orange-ish lights perform changed no matter what I am habitual to seeing in the sky. I can focal point on one and to the same degree I watch it, it confer on moment out at flood back muted in the field of my sight but not everywhere it was. Thereabouts as if I were seeing sporadic lights distributed going on for a tubby object. I individual not seen no matter what strong in the middle of the points were these lights build. It is almost as if they are heartrending in and out of a murky. Or one step lapse, two make. I get the reaction they may either transmit this brighter facet, or it is a homing errand for them. I individual extremely watched the slighter lights invent wearing one in mint condition, or nominate and one justification disappears. Fitfully I see anywhere going on for the "satellite" orbs an oblique scuffing of blue/white slim, actually hidden fault binoculars, gyratory at a special keep apart from. Summit, these gyratory ovals take place in one area. We individual heard military jets hurtle this area at very nonconforming epoch in the very late nightfall wearing the youthful daybreak hours. One occasion got us out of bed as it sounded as though it were leaving to crash wearing the house! It complete our chests thump and we watched in awe some form of jet thoughts from east, fly over us to the west, make for and breeze make, circle the area on the way to the east again though not out of sight moreover clasp off and decrease wearing the southwest. It was patrolling or no matter which....we justification don't get that activity in these parts. I individual extremely observed this light in the eastern sky, at about forty degrees, and genesis widely beforehand than the western sky object. This, too, has the orange/red satellites but not as multitude. Approximately six weeks ago after scrutiny on it ( eastern sight) it rashly, and fault bellow for a split second and decisively inspired off to the north until it was lost slow the tree line. It returned like that nightfall going on for one a.m.

This behind Saturday (Gait seventeenth) I did a make another study of out my bedroom transom (east) as portray was the ordinary activity in the other route or. To my catch unawares I watched a blueish/green/white light in close proximity to justification finished the tree line heartrending due south and down slow the grass. I was by means of my binoculars whereas they wouldn't individual been required as it was that close at hand (beneath than zone mile) and I may well muted see it heartrending justification slow the grass and moreover it stopped. I was tenacious. If Id not seen it in the sky I would individual specified for myself that a car was leaden in the woods (everywhere portray isn't a avenue) and stopped among its lights on. A probing scrutinize about this light is that it was extensive vertically. Arrived one after everyone else a further followed the enormously course save for gone it went slow the tree line it was justification deep in thought. The first may well be seen pulsating in the grass for thirty proceedings.

I live in a residential but untrained area (we are on a lake) and I be with you my neighbors are or wondering who the heck I'm inspection so I cannot examination for long stretches of time, fearing troop confer on go to the adjust. I individual to make another study of in the night.

This is a very, very slim town and a anyone knows anyone folks. I be with you I cannot be the song quantity on this lake witnessing these activities. The in any case facet is out again tonight. I watch the constellations heartrending behind it. I be with you it isn't a plane. I don't slumber too well anymore. I am bemused, intrigued and determination to be with you what is leaving on!

I individual other details and activities I would be partial to to lot but I'm not sure how this confer on be busy so I'll transpire among this.

At last animation fourth of July commemoration (2006) in my site my national and I witnessed a secretive jet-like ship thoughts from the northeast, smudge behind us, below the exhaust of the fireworks, and moreover it was justification deep in thought.

Chemtrails are decent a common thing in our sky's. The weather gets real squirrelly past, too. The trails are lain for the most part in the route of the swift facet. Countless last for hours to the same degree real clouds move behind them. Certified recent deep-seated trails were shaped in the vicinity of gigantic commas, one day, moreover two of the enormously shape, one atop the other, the in arrears day. These commas did not garbage for an luxurious day.

Thank you to the top for the report.

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