Saturday, 2 August 2014

Bright Objects In Night Sky
"OMINECA Display"Current Vanderhoof - Fort Fraser - Fraser Fund and area.Phone: 567-9258, Fax: 567-2070""Wednesday, February 27, 2002 "TO THE EDITOR:" I outlook my interaction finds you well. The reason I am inscription today is to enquire if your official statement confine customary any alarming reports of hopeful objects in the night sky. I confine been working on two share cases, existing, a sighting from Telkwa in which stage were three witnesses to this affair, and substitute existing in Houston, B.C. where a duo had seen a very hopeful object over the Bulkley Sea. I was oral communication among substitute investigator and he furthermore customary a report of the especially type of thing despoil seam helpful Burns lake, B.C. So far I confine interviewed three witnesses for a sighting on Friday, February 1, 2002 and two other witnesses for a sighting which took seam on Sunday, February 3, 2002. I now confine information of substitute investigate who came pitch and now one other from the Burns lake area. The five natives I confine interviewed are all wedded, among families and very admirable dynasty. The dates a long time ago this all took seam would confine been from January 31, 2002 justified up to February 3, 2002. Or you license confine a report from have fun round about this time time. I was the investigator who came to Vanderhoof, B.C. a long time ago you last had your set of six Collect Circles. Role who has any information about these measures can contact me at:Phone/Fax - (clogged) or by emailing: "". Thank you so knowingly for any fine you could enclose to me. Brian VikeIndependent UFO Sight Investigator/Researcher.Houston, B.C.


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