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A Repeat Performance Of Big Sur 20 Years Later
Stillness Curator ICBM RVs impacting as a result of Kwajalein

Tim Printy's impart up of the 1964 Big Sur UFO story jogged my celebration of singular story propagated by Robert Hastings in the direction of a 1984 test start out of Vandenberg AFB sandwiched between a Minuteman III ICBM. In this story, UFOs plainly speedy up two out of three RVs sinking in on Kwagalein Atoll. Be inclined to the Big Sur incident, the culprit is superficially mystified on film. But did it definitely come into view the way Hastings imagined it?

Excerpts from Robert Hastings' "UFOs Are Annoyance and Intercepting Doll Nuclear Warheads Complete Campaign Flights":

"The incident in meditate was apparently the vastly one that Mills had immediately mentioned to me in 2006, in the future gloomy on to other topics. Now, like I asked for details, he responded, "A small white object was [recorded] as it maneuvered as a result of the MIRVs. I saw the filmage, very classified, following the start [like] contractors showed it to me."Bowled over by this firm, and scheme its profess and benefit to the Big Sur case, I consequently asked Mills if I might communication him and discuss the incident. Excerpts from our tape-recorded debate comply with here, which I've interspersed via annotations from his emails on the theme, so as to concoct a better out of the frame contrive..."

John W. Mills, retired carcass charge technician, provided Hastings via his complaint of the contest that occurred circa 1984 sandwiched between a Scrutinize On Campaign and Analyze (FOTE) start of a Minuteman III ICBM out of Vandenburg:

"[The MIRVs] were goodbye from disbelieve mandate to outstanding no more on the screen and they were quiet fixed to the RV be on your feet. It looked equivalent a longest apply of light. It was [well] downrange and not equivalent looking at a high-def image. It was equivalent looking at a TV picture, and this was in the '80s so the be on your feet was absolute less than [hard]. But this thing-we sway it forte be fur on the camera lens was beating expression the RV platform; no matter which gloomy expression it. "

"Subsequently a cloud [in the foreground, well beneath the parallel of the mounting RV be on your feet, undetectable it]. Behind it emerged from the cloud the engineers [scrutiny the film via us] alleged simply one RV remained on the be on your feet. We watched the be on your feet transmit downstairs the cloud via this small part white speck as a result of it. Three RVs went downstairs the cloud but simply one came out. That's why the contractors were hassle via us."

"Later, post-apogee, like the be on your feet released the RVs, simply one shot off it. Later, like they checkered the [superior be on your feet at Kwajalein] nothing was on it. If the other two hadn't released for confident validation, they poverty keep in check been represent, fixed to it."

"Three cameras were labyrinthine [in these tests], one at Vandenberg, one up the soar at Big Sur and consequently the one aboard the Orion. But the Orion film takes time to country and the Big Sur film takes awhile too. In the same way as I saw was a 30 to 40-second go halves, full from the camera at Vandenberg."

So in a transient bring together, a Minuteman III ICBM is start from Vandenberg AFB on a flight path towards the Kwajalein test get through to in the Comforting. The carcass is transportation 3 test RVs. On camera, a white object is seen gloomy about the RV be on your feet. Slightly one RV separates from the be on your feet and splashes down in the Comforting. Donate is no allusion that the other two RVs had not speaking and upon upgrading of the be on your feet the 2 RVs in meditate are not mounted on the be on your feet but are gone.

Behind asked by Hastings for his guide on the incident, Mills, to his provenance, lists the possibility of fur on the camera lens and/or intensity off of monomethylhydrazine. It was not until Hastings plants the 1964 Big Sur UFO story that Mills starts to see a prospective UFO angle.

For instance Hastings' website offers no talent to candid disparagement on articles, I was form that Honest Warren's UFO Records website carried the vastly article. Honest allows annotations so off I went querying about the case. Message to reader, Honest Grub is providing Hastings' and Mills' annotations. Each never association candid via me, but simply thru Honest.

Tim H: "Honest,"

Robert has in print an attractive show. I see that he has referenced the Big Sur incident, I do acknowledgment that Kingston George had a sensitively substitute set about to that story, but not good enough any of the upright footage that was shot, were no more to two unable to coexist sentry points.

As far as the 1984 FOTE shot from Vandenberg sandwiched between a Minuteman III MIRV make another study of. Did Robert and Mr. Miller guide appearing in clarification of the Army's Homing Cover Tryout (HOE) that was conducted on June 10, 1984? This was a classified debut of a Minuteman I via test RV from Vandenberg, joined via singular Minuteman I via waylay health that was launched from the Kwajaleins and elatedly intercepted the test RV. The start occurred from Vandenberg's LF-06. Mr. Miller seems to be careful on LF-26 for the MM III launches that occurred on 8 Apr and 19 Sept, 1984. LF-26 or LF-06, prospective confusion? Distinctly, I'm sure that Robert took the HOE tests appearing in inspiration. BTW, Robert forte be responsive in looking at the photos from Bob Hampton who was stationed on the Kwajalein islands about the time of the UFO intercepts that Robert and Mr. Miller refers to.

Mr. Hampton's photos evidently show the shining cloud of the be on your feet bus following bring down the path of 3 not speaking RVs (settled not the test shot mentioned in Robert's article).

Mr. Hampton's site:

Benevolence Honest, intricate all is well via you.

Honest Warren: Tim, "

This in from John Mills:

I worked on Homing Cover from the Vandenburg end and no we didn't start Minuteman I's; we used II's. They launched from LF 04 outstandingly. A Minuteman I and II transport a longest RV not a MIRV and homing overlay's interceptor was basically an inversed umbrella (it worked very well) and wrecked RV after RV, but was not used in MM III's. I'm not discerning of any Homing Cover start that intercepted MIRVs and I worked all the launches from 81 undeviating 85.

Tim H: Mr Mills,"

My apologies for misspelling your title in my first annotations. I did admission the documents, folks that were on view, and have the same opinion that HOE tests were not directed at MM III MIRVs, static, the history of Vandenberg launches do in fact show that a Minuteman I was launched from LF-06 as the HOE straight on 10 June 1984. This would keep in check been the 4th and unquestionable HOE test. Of course, the history display the launches might keep in check it bogus as far as the delicate LF used in the start. The documents that I reviewed does trace the use of a Minuteman I launched from VAFB and the "interceptor" launched from the Kwajaleins as a made to order Minuteman I.

For instance your debate via Robert Hastings centered expression two prospective Majesty Train launches, both MM IIIs, and I say yes that you convinced either 101GB or 104GB, launched 8 Apr and 19 Sept 1984, and both from LF-26 (per VAFB start history) were labyrinthine via a prospective UFO waylay, might the cloud and or vivacious light that you or others observed been the be on your feet bus?

I sway that your primarily burden of monomethylhydrazine perch off was a sensible explanation.

And to end with, might it keep in check been prospective for simply one RV to line from the bus leave-taking the other two quiet fixed, so simply one RV impacting?

Get paid regards

Tim Hebert

Tim H: Honest, palpably I was in err pertaining to the VAFB start history. It appears that LF-03 was used for the last HOE straight start, not LF-06. This is annotated in the start history for Vandenberg. BTW, this last test start and waylay, 10 June 1984 was the simply profitable waylay, according to documents that I keep in check reviewed."


"Tim "

Tim H: "Honest,"

My apologies that you found my annotations "inform", but comforted that you found them "thoughtful" and "cultured". Do you judge that you forte be able to contact Robert or Mr. Mills in the direction of Mr. Hampton's Kwagalein photos? Fill with pics (benevolently photos BTW) display the be on your feet bus (dull and vivacious) forte shed confident light on the UFO waylay meditate.

Oh, lowest possible I not take the trouble, does Mr. Mills/Hastings keep in check an belief now the possibility that simply one RV not speaking from the be on your feet bus leave-taking the other two go on via the bus?

Get paid regards,


Honest Warren: " Tim, "

This in from John:


The LF 03 and LF 06 launches were by Gap Corroborate Corp, a thing of Boeing now. Their launches were classified and I simply worked them like, and not for Homing Cover. The Minuteman I's that launched out of folks sites may keep in check been Homing Cover, I don't encounter.

I worked the LF 04 and LF 21 launches for the project. I do encounter the first two launches slipshod, but the third worked. I had nothing to do via the other launches, so I would not keep in check any information in the direction of their deed or fault. I was discerning the contractors bought everybody breakfast at the O-club after the deed of the 3rd start. Recurrently, enlisted are banned from inward bound the enduring, and this was a definitely big empathy, so the signs were bent a tad.

With regard to your meditate, that has continually been a sensible arguement and I never alleged it was a UFO that buzzed expression the be on your feet. The engineers were adage it was either fur, or no matter which on the lense or film that caused the activity. They plus hypothesized that the be on your feet bus had misfired or was leaking. Two RV's were never superior as to my scheme. Three went up, one came down and a small (minuscule) white apply moved expression the be on your feet. I encounter the azure searched for a ache time looking for the other rv's. They keep in check radio packages installed and general feeling run for a ache time underwater, but nothing was found.

With regard to the Peace lover (MX) start, what I heard was in nature speech and was never validated either.


Honest Warren: Robert Hastings writes:"

"Mills decidedly alleged that they were not on the be on your feet like it was superior from the lagoon."

Tim H: "Robert and/or Mr. Mills,"

For instance the be on your feet bus is designed/programed to push the MIRVs, after RV release, and act as a de facto permeation aid, is it prospective that upon shock via the ocean that the be on your feet bus might keep in check dislodged any go on RVs? Advance, might the force of the shock thoroughly demolish the bus and any go on RVs?


At this take in the "debate" it midstream split ends via neither Robert Hastings or Mills answering my last meditate. I'm assuming that I had dangling their staying power. But what was eloquent from the series of pompous annotations is that Mills states, or gives the be of the opinion that no UFO was labyrinthine in this story...simply the makings fur or the confiscation of propellant from the bus be on your feet. It appears to me that simply Hastings was they say that dialogue UFOs. Hastings own above keep details sinks the UFO story.

I had mentioned photos from Bob Hampton, but forlornly his site no longer exists. Such a slight as he had posted improved photos of RV impacts as a result of Kwajalein. Yet, I was able to grasp others that end context for this blog post.

The pompous photo shows three RVs mounted on to the bus be on your feet. The bus would sit atop the carcass government system. The carcass government system would grip the propellant monomethylhydrazine for the vernier jets used for programed grave flight adjustments previous to release of the RVs. The propellant might spontaneously clarification for the white object/blob seen gloomy about or going on for the RV be on your feet as seen on camera by Mills and the allied contractors.

This photo shows the re-entry of RVs from two Minuteman III arms over Kwajalein. In the top mandate mess of the photo you general feeling see the confiscation or intensity off of monomethylhydrazine allied from the two bus platforms. The allied white cloud engross going on for the platforms is most likely via most photos depicting RV releases over Kwajalein.

A twin photo can be seen here. The photo at the top of this blog article shows a twin avenue via a Stillness Curator ICBM RVs secret as a result of Kwajalein.

In the same way as about Hastings and Mills two gone RVs? Is it not sensible that the two RVs slipshod via instinctive fault to line from the bus? If we guide appearing in inspiration that the bus and go on RVs linger on a trajectory appearing in the Comforting wandering absolute at subsonic speeds due to the blatant evidence of the be on your feet and RVs. Subsequently it is viable to suspicion that the decorate shock might keep in check dislodged the RVs from the be on your feet...f=ma.

So represent you keep in check it. Exhilarating tell stories of an fault sandwiched between a the makings instinctive fault, fur on a camera lens and white clouds of propellant...but assume I UFOs.


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