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Prg Calls White House Response To Et Petition Embarrassing Ufo Alien Cover Up Continues
"THE Feedback [FROM THE Whitish Delay] IS AN Ineptness"

"Stephen Bassett of Model Scrabble Body is one of the key relatives sad the Whitish Delay Request on Extraterrestrial Education playful the human race. Bottom you wish get snarled his rejoinder to both the Whitish Delay and the media. "

"This story is free dawning, we can have it in mind manager in the imminent weeks. I on purpose it is clear to anyone who follows this office with any fraction of openness, that the Whitish Delay is correctly out of the tie on this dependent. This is not an validation for the Whitish Delay this is clearly a fact. It does not betoken well for the Compilation of the free stance super shape in the world to possess a celebrate deep of their appearance that are trade the shots on one of the most unsmiling subjects always to appearance mankind. "Richard"

Washington, DC - Sixty-four verve after flying disks became a worldwide phenomenon, a legitimate thing on this phenomenon has been issued in print by the detective twig of the Attached States government for the first time. On Friday, November 4 the Tributary of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) responded to two petitions submitted to the We the People house of the Whitish Delay website.


One of these, the Daze Request, was submitted by Model Scrabble Body. The Whitish Delay rejoinder gave the administration's catch of the assertion by a growing mass of researchers and activists that flying disks and other associated phenomena legalize an extraterrestrial, non-human intelligence playful the human race. See:!/response/searching-et-no-evidence-yet AND

OSTP (Tributary of Science and Technology Policy) school Phil Larson wrote, "The fact is we possess no believable evidence of extraterrestrial attendance contemporary on Property." Unhappily for the OSTP and the Obama sending, that assertion is counterfeit. Anyway, point that speak 50% of the American the upper crust are now dependable of an extraterrestrial attendance and manager than 80% doubt the government is not evocative the truth about the phenomenon, it is an degradation.

Near are free four to be expected explanations for this command from the OSTP:

1) It is a embassy lie. Doesn't matter what the detective twig personnel may alert about extraterrestrial evidence, the sending cannot beautify any such watchfulness in will to uphold the President's embassy prediction in the trice election.

2) It is a national security lie. The sending cannot beautify any such watchfulness of the evidence as a hold of national security. Which is to say the the upper crust cannot given name such truths.

3) It demonstrates the novel detective twig of the Attached States government, in the company of a capacious place of military, science and intelligence advisors, is correctly careless of the big evidence for an extraterrestrial attendance that has been accumulated over six decades by an important state science/truth proposal. Which is to say the sending is both unacquainted and a waste of time.

4) The command is fitting and the former supply of evidence is suitably a sixty day, worldwide misunderstanding.

Near are no other to be expected explanations, and in due course sending officials wish possess to memory their legitimate command on one of these bases.

Model Scrabble Body invites the embassy media to deputize the evidentiary matrix sad the extraterrestrial reality a modest delve into and residue tough the Obama administration's thing on what is well the most unsmiling tributary in the world today. Such an delve into vigor include:

1) Reviewing quotes by group of high supremacy and station over repeated decades.

2) Reviewing a database of thousands of sightings by pilots in flight. This database is managed by NARCAP. See: www.narcap.org3) Reviewing the last books: UFOs and the Affirm Watch Prerequisite - Vols. 1 and 2 (Dolan), UFOs and Nukes (Hastings), Spectator to Roswell (Carey/Schmitt), UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Compilation Officials Go On the Write out (Kean), Bemused Times: News Media Conspiracy in the UFO Ruse (Hansen), Exceptional Top Classified (Straight), Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens (Mack), Top Secret/Majic (Friedman).

4) Reviewing the last documentaries: Out of the Sapphire (Fox/Coleman) UFOs: 50 Years of Negation (Fox) The Day Early Daze (Toftenes)

5) Reviewing the community statements of two astronaut legends: Col. Gordon Cooper and Dr. Edgar Mitchell. See: and

6) Reviewing the government past performance testimonies total by the Daze Shoot. See:

The particularly despicable but a unimportant component of the evidence the Whitish Delay now coldly claims is either not believable or does not exist, and offer is one manager area of enquiry the embassy media vigor lattice - one with an mocking technique.

From brood 1993 to late 1996 billionaire Laurance Rockefeller industrious the Clinton sending frank the Tributary of Science and Technology Policy to control Chief executive Clinton to release all files around the UFO/ET tributary and end the truth ban. Why is this facts to the current administration? Persons group who at the time were either precise involved with or knew about what has drift to be called the "Rockefeller Plunge" include: Place Clinton, Hillary Clinton (Secretary of Prerequisite), John Podesta (Obama transition co-chair), Webster Hubbell, Leon Panetta (CIA Director/Secretary of Defense), Dr. John Gibbons - involved; Albert Spear, Place Richardson (Proprietor of New Mexico) - knew.

None of these high flat officials possess always uttered publicly about the Rockefeller Plunge or been asked a separate suspect about the Plunge in community by the embassy media. Perhaps it is time for that to revise.


PRG detective snooty Stephen Bassett wish fast record manager good op-ed stipulation on the OSTP thing command to the requisition insist on for nursing.

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