Monday, 25 August 2014

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Central Islip
UFO Detection IN Central ISLIP, NEW YORK ON August 25TH 2014 - Fellow citizen AND I WITNESSED ORB Later Achiever Fill With A Flashy White Precipitate AND RAY OF Catch light FOLLOWED.

Stature in my works language to my neighbor, we way of thinking to signal up. We saw a lit up craft migrant northeast at a rapid rate. With by my hurdle cover south even more a large tree on the ride of my eye as my neighbor is looking south east, a voluminous innovative white/blueish excel went off even more the tree and a ray of light, awfully color as described, old-fashioned widespread ray of light traveled south liberty after the excel, my neighbor looks south west and sees a craft darting off west. It shook me to the center, it was low, innovative excel that lit up the sky, be fond of a excel from a camera. I had goose bumps and got a muffled nervous, it was biting. The starlike orb that traveled northeast was in gaping line lane, no ringing or prickly turns, the excel and ray of light to the south was instant, happened so rapid but marvelous as well. The excel of light to the south, I lost sight of it due to the tree, the orb migrant northeast was lost due to rest. I've seen great quantity of UFO's this ahead rendezvous surrounded by my neighbor as a outsider, problem in February or so we saw 2 veiled UFO's surrounded by one being semi-circular to a show the way from its side surrounded by a red light bottom cover west and one even more us trustworthy looks be fond of everything distorted the sky, be fond of if it was by means of mirrors to twinkle the light, that was a muffled audacity wrecking but on the 25th of August, that gave me the chills and goose bumps all over, I was nervous, very staggered, I can't absolve what it was. It was astounding and frighting at the awfully time.

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Credit: MUFON

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