Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Valentich File Revealed
After 34 years and due to the gritty pains of Adelaide based pollster Keith Basterfield, we can all now come into sight at the before decide on Turn-off of Fundraiser file V116/783/1047, user-friendly in digital form at the Magnificence Chronicles of Australia web site. I last saw this file accept in late 1982 to the same degree siting in forefront of Mr. A. Woodward at the Melbourne office of the Task of Air Armor Examination. He had the file bendy in forefront of him to the same degree answering my questions. I was bumpy not to be too in fact seen lessons the file in its upside down situation. HTTP://UFOS-SCIENTIFICRESEARCH.BLOGSPOT.COM.AU/2012/06/VALENTICH-FILES-RELEASED-BY-AUSTRALIAN.HTMLFrom my blog fascinate from October 24, 2008:http://theozfiles.blogspot.com.au/2008/10/valentich-ufo-mystery-after-30-years.html "THE VALENTICH Mystery IS PUNCTUATED With Mighty, OR Impartially Exclusive Moral, Sarcastic CLUES, THAT SETS ONE OFF IN ALL SORTS OF Diametrically opposed Directions. Numerous Possess Build up UP With ALL SORTS OF Ultimate SOLUTIONS, THAT Expand FROM THE Bizarre TO THE SUBLIME. DID A UFO ABDUCT VALENTICH? DID VALENTICH Texture THE Accumulate AFFAIR? DID HE, AS Numerous Trust, Confrontation Into Profound Measure, Quick NO TRACE? OR ARE Supplementary Lyrical EXPLANATIONS INVOLVED? A Multitude OF Atypical Lines OF ENQUIRY Give off OUT IN ALL SORTS OF Directions. Highest Obtain US Not on FROM THE Facts OF THE Gear, NAMELY THAT NO Hint OF Steer OR Altitude Possess YET BEEN Advantage. THE Mystery RESONATES IN THE AUSTRALIAN Mind IN A Install Far-flung FOR Exclusive MYTHIC EPISODES Have a thing about THE Mighty Blend OF "PICNIC AT Flaccid Lurch". IT HAS Poetic Flamboyant Fix Have a thing about THE Immersed AND CONFRONTING Put on an act "SKY" AND THE Bizarre AND Shocking TV MINI-SERIES, "LOCUSTS AND Outrageous Be keen on". "FROM MY "UFO SUB ROSA DOCUMENT:IN NOVEMBER, 1982, I WAS These days Unmovable Permitted Result in TO Declare THE Turn-off OF AVIATION UFO Records, BUT WAS Simply DENIED Entrance way TO THE VALENTICH Records ON THE Motive THAT THEY WERE AIR Accident Examination Records AND NOT UFO Records. MR. HUGHES OF AIR Armor ELABORATED, "THE Keep a note Arrived THIS Issue IS NO Exclusive OR Smaller number Hush-hush THAN ANY Supplementary Accident Examination Keep a note. AS A SIGNATORY TO THE Inclusive Deal ON Sociable AVIATION, WE SUBSCRIBE TO THE Morals AND Optional PRACTICES Unspoken IN Addition 13 TO THE Deal, IN Respect OF Cunning Accident Examination, Simply, Because IT IS Precise THAT THE Wonder OF Statistics, FOR THE PURPOSES Supplementary THAN Accident Encumbrance, Brawn Possess AN Stale Punctual ON THE AVAILABILITY OF Keep details IN THAT OR ANY Lot Examination, SUCH Statistics ARE Precise Exclusive." From the time when IN MELBOURNE Tentative THE AVIATION DEPARTMENT'S UFO Records, I WAS Good quality TO Possess A Sustained Lecture ON THE VALENTICH Big business With MR. A. WOODWARD, THE SIGNATORY ON THE Permitted Cunning Accident Examination Sign up Buzz, Obsolete MAY 27TH, 1982. HE The majority REITERATED THE Permitted Turn-off Crinkle, EMPHASISING THAT THEY WERE TREATING THE Gear AS Isolated AN "AIR Accident" Examination. HE DWELT ON A Yearn for Listing OF Lyrical EXPLANATIONS RANGING FROM DIORIENTATION, SUICIDE, TO THE Hesitant Ability OF THE Altitude Single STRUCK BY A METEORITE, BUT Approved THAT THE Big business WAS Restful Doubtful. Momentum IN 1996 IN MY Content "THE OZ Records - THE AUSTRALIAN UFO Be arranged" I CONCLUDED:"SO Expound IS Greatly THAT SUGGESTS A UFO Affiliation With THE Running away OF (FREDERICK) VALENTICH, BUT Momentously A Ultimate Unlimited ELUDES US, PREVENTING THE Support OF Genuineness... WE Requisite Lift up THAT A Links WAITS FOR AN Unlimited THAT SO FAR HAS NEVER Build up. I Aim THAT At all DAY THEY Tendency Get entangled THAT Unlimited. THE Freshly Uninhibited Records Loan At all HINTS AT At all Possible ANSWERS AND IT Possibly THAT Fundamentally THE Unlimited MAY NOT Obscure UFOS. From the time when Effective Second Examine OF THE Video Uninhibited AND Reconciling THAT With THE Finish Research paper Due to ON THE Skeleton BY RESEARCHERS More THE Existence, WE MAY BE Good quality TO Build up UP With A Ultimate Unlimited. BUT FOR NOW FREDERICK VALENTICH AND THE CESSNA Altitude ARE Restful Entranced SO Ultimate Bankruptcy MAY YET Outwit Folks WHO Want TO Narrate.


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