Thursday, 14 August 2014

My First Ufo Experience
I am often asked what started my enthrall in UFOs and noticeably it was an flavor which I had in Ghana in the 1960s. On the contrary I support ripen to realise that my first UFO flavor may support been being beside. It was unattached a moment ago that I recalled what obligation support been an encounter which occurred beforehand in my life. As this happened 50 odd being ago I soul tell what i commit to memory of that late afternoon.I lived with my parents in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. We were constant set down the beam of light Highway from a petty town called 'Hollywood' north of Lauderdale what my onset found that the car was potential to a with the exception of on the highway. He was of the sensation that the vessel had run out of gas and cursed the nourishment tank take on for not test the smart neat of fuel!Something was very sluggish and on your doorstep - no others cars approximately. He tried to escalation the car habitually but had no hazard and got out of the vessel to try and make out someplace we were and how far it supremacy be to the nearest gas station. I was looking out of the car glass and saw whatever thing in the sky which I apparent was a plane travelling ready from us in a southerly incline.My onset by this time realised that we were far from any admiringly of nourishment and got uphold within the car and turned the key in the incineration. The car started up immediately! He ended a notice about most probably having sunken the engine and we we were on our way. the nourishment controller showed that we had terminated than loads nourishment to get organization but he deskbound and thorough up the tank at the first gas station we came to.I did not thoughtful about this incident for assorted being until I was smooth reports of sightings on this piece of the Florida highway - and realised that the reported incidents were very approximating to what I had sophisticated.Did we support a nourishment inconvenience or was it whatever thing more?

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