Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ancient Mayan Astronaut Updated Sun Feb 3 2013 424 Am Est
"Pacal's Casket" as it is generally called, refers to an immoral monolithic casket lid in the midst of an scrambled carving of the stalwart Mayan ruler, Emperor Pacal aka Pakal (603 - 683), who ruled over the ancient Mayan nation at Palenque (located in Chiapas, Mexico). It is one of the stalwart mysteries of ancient art and has commanded the appeal of archaeologists, art historians, ufologists, anthropologists, cosmologists, and treat. Inhabit who study Mayan symbols and iconography say it admirably depicts the cycle of failure and portrays the stalwart Emperor going at home the criminal world to be reborn. Others make out it as an image of Emperor Pacal as an ancient astronaut and say it is proof that aliens visited the Home and interacted in the midst of the Maya peoples.
Pacal the Influential by A.Skromnitsky
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