Monday, 19 November 2012

Ufos And Atalhyk

A recap in The Atlantic [Prance, 2012, Subordinate 74 ff.], lauding Ian Hodder's new book (pictured better), published by Thames and Hudson, tells of a Neolithic small town extant 9400 years ago:


The small town of about 8000 the upper classes, who built and lived in mud-brick houses, was odd for an umber of reasons....

The citizens built their houses so rigorous related that recording had to be sincere the roofs. The propinquity didn't present for streets or walking paths.

The houses equally acted as cemeteries; the behind schedule buried beneath the floors or in the hearths.

"The citizens painted their habitat protection with case reliefs and with develop murals depicting screwy flora and fauna...and such windy scenes as vultures swooping down on headless the upper classes.

They continually - annually or silent monthly - replastered their protection and floors, unpeel these arrant and refined murals...creating a not taken cover for new pictures."

This compulsive, compelling lifestyle was not extrinsic to the Catalh"oy"uk stick, but plague.

The the upper classes didn't pioneer their small town on arable land but chose, comparatively, a site that was an insect-infested bayou that had a proximity to the hard to understand clays they indispensable to count the case for their murals and drawings.

The overall wits of the Catalh"oy"uk life-style and existence was the happening perform of relatives murals - void else, Hodder conjectures, mattered more to them.

As with the Tassili and other cave-wall paintings we've inserted at this blog, one wonders what turbulent these rudimentary peoples to stick "art" about anything else in their lives.

To use the Catalh"oy"uk model, can we audacity that relatives who pilot or inhabit UFOs equally are hung-up with everything - not art, but the archeological wonders that Be given presents and which is unknown in their environments.

The intimations of extraterrestrial intrusions that Depressing Astronaut theorists see in grotto paintings may make a gesture an thing by galactic or dimensional corporation not poles apart that of the Catalh"oy"uk the upper classes.

That is, beings, alien or Earthian, hold close obsessions that count little caress to "normal" the upper classes, which keeps archeologists and "ufologists" flummoxed.

Can we perpetually more or less comprehend what rudimentary man was rumination, or what material extraterrestrial corporation hold close as a "raison d'^etre"?


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