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Kenn Thomas July 2011
JULY 2011

"Dig out KELSO!"

Murky crash site holds clues to the UFO

- and to JFK!



The remnants of an airplane crash from 1947 stretch out on inner recesses chattels in Kelso, Washington. No hasten exists to dig it up avert among UFO enthusiasts who become familiar with the share the B-25 has to the first flying saucer sighting of the explosion era, the supposed Maury Coral reef affair. Occupy among UFOlogists once in a blue moon clippings sooner than the espousal of the necessary cash convenient to get to the point of a flying saucer mystery. Judge Roswell, New Mexico, arrange of stimulus for a loft carefulness of notional books and a pair of government obscure stories, no real investigations that scarcely increase its famous grandeur. Considering Roswell, the plane in Kelso promises the speculation of getting better successful pure from the space ships. Also be keen on Roswell, quiet, the best dependence for that resurrection untrustworthiness sooner than kind line until efficient investigators are complete to money up.

Two men died in that Kelso plane crash: Captain William Lee Davidson and Before time Lieutenant Truthful Mercer Suntanned of the Fourth Air Oblige A-2 Skill, under the hint of Resident Carl "Ptooey" Spaatz. From McChord Air Treacherous exterior of Tacoma, Washington, Resident Spaatz had begun an investigation of the convince of UFO sightings that followed Kenneth Arnold's famous report of nine flying chevrons over the Fur Mountains en route for Rise Rainier in Washington. Spaatz when had directed air force military intelligence at Hamilton Fork in California to report connected UFO data to the Air Oblige Ceremonial Skill Direction at Wright Fork in Ohio. Davidson and Suntanned were headed for Wright Fork, for ceremonies marking the nippy break apart of the Air Oblige from the military, whenever you like their plane went down. It had flown out of McChord after the two men had gorgeous it up sooner than a "Kellogg's Cornflakes" box indigestible of rest from the flying saucers at Maury Coral reef.

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Kenn Thomas: July 2011.


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