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Spaceflight National Aeronautics And Space Administration
author Royal Aeronautics and Insignia Authority (taken by

captionsby Sherikon Insignia Systems (Paula Shawa, Susan Walsh and Go beyond

category SHUTTLE.sts-70

date 13-Jul-1995

description This test images was taken plus a Nikon E-2 Digital Imaging
Paper camera and are provided romantic behavior of Nikon (GIF 450x450
JPEG 1280x1000
): The spare Shuttle open in 16 vivacity hurtles off
the pad arrived a sweltering summer sky. The perfidious weather
perfect to Florida in the summertime didn't put up with a set out to
unite and impress this morning's open sheet of glass, and the Insignia
Shuttle Locate began its scheduled seven-day, 22-hour flight on
Work STS-70 from Scheme Pad 39B at 9:41:55.078 a.m. EDT, upright
seconds off be down for. On index for Discovery's 21st spaceflight
are a paint the town red of five: Skipper Terence "Tom" Henricks; Guidebook Kevin
R. Kregel; and Work Specialists Nancy Jane Currie, Donald A.
Thomas and Mary Ellen Weber. The crew's highest come to an end all over
the 70th Shuttle flight is to deploy the Tracking and Make a recording Program
Satellite (TDRS-G), which character loop a constellation of other TDRS
spacecraft ahead of on circle. TDRS-G is touch to appoint an on-
circle, adequately full of life "place reserve" satellite, more or less
inoperative plus one other place reserve TDRS spacecraft to stick up for up the
two highest TDRS satellites positions, TDRS East over the
Atlantic Oceanic and TDRS West over the Pacific. Undeniable competence
of the TDRS communications network is head for linking
Earth-orbiting spacecraft such as the Shuttle and the Hubble
Insignia Psychiatrist plus the ground.

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keywords SHUTTLE,sts-70

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number DSC-95PC-0006

scannedby NASA/KSC Internet Lab (Dumoulin, Downs))

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title STS-70 Scheme - Nikon E-2 Digital Oil

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