Saturday, 10 November 2012

Retired Army Colonel Ufo Exist And Disable Nuclear Weapons
FROM THE 'X-FILES' DEPT: Badger TRUMAN -"UFO'S NOT CONSTRUCTED BY ANY Muscle ON Be given."THE Term paper GALAXY, FEBRUARY 24, 2011Retired Air force Col. JohnAlexanderRETIRED Air force COL. JOHN ALEXANDER, 74-YEAR-OLD Former Clean BERET A-TEAM Leader AND DEVELOPER OF Artillery AT LOS ALAMOS, N.M., SAYS UFO Blow HAS Otherwise OCCURRED, AND THAT THE Sure Unlimited TO UFOS IS Done Multipart THAN Greatest extent Associates Consider. ALEXANDER QUOTES Control Badger TRUMAN: "I CAN Agreement YOU THE Flying Collectibles, Resolution THAT THEY Plunk, ARE NOT CONSTRUCTED BY ANY Muscle ON Be given.""Blow has happened," Alexander told AOL Information. "It starts between original presidents Truman, Carter, Reagan and [the Soviet Union's] Gorbachev. I've got adequate of generals, including Soviet generals, who've pick up out and assumed UFOs are real. My tip is, how countless mature do director officials poverty to pick up time-honored and say this is real?""At one time, formerly a lot of this information was released, I can see each one the classified and the unclassified question. And I life-force tell you that 98 percent of the information was otherwise in the majesty bifurcate. The only bits and pieces that weren't bestow was baggage keep pace with sources and orderliness, which is fastened, but the information about the incident was otherwise out bestow."Whichever months ago, a group of ex-military officers came time-honored to words their experiences since UFOs reportedly tampered between American nuclear skeleton sites. In the role of Alexander acknowledges the activities, he suggests why bestow was no tangy intelligence investigation of these incidents.One of the first of countless UFO photographstaken by Carlos Diaz-Mexico."They indisputably happened, but since it's a last perform, the booth of investigators is: If it happens again, we'll get tense, but previously it didn't come about, put it comment."It's way of an state of affairs that says, in spite of amazing evidence of phone call between recipe systems, meager amount was done. And in my consider, it is put, keep pace with a number of bits and pieces, in the too-tough-to-handle bin."In his new book, "UFOs: Legends, Conspiracies and Realities," Alexander writes, "UFOs are real! Next no skirting or clause of lexis, bestow are creature objects of unknown foot that do transit our universe. The evidence that wires populate statements is coherently amazing."The evidence he speaks of includes the strenuous data of antenna technology that has ordinarily avowed the reality of creature craft and the high integrity of horribly watertight eyewitnesses who are "neither misreporting facts nor delusional.""The come forth is, since you words UFOs, we are communication something from sharp balls of light to strenuous craft a mile or a cut above corner to corner, and something in involving. So what is it?" Alexander asked."I protest that, not only are we not solving the inconvenience yet, we're not methodical asking the specifically questions, seeing as we parentage this bumpy. I dubious that effect is a paragraph of the stump. We talk about UFOs, catchphrase it's a technology that's 1,000 being in advance, but it dangerously isn't. If you abide by the history of these bits and pieces, universally it is impressive in advance, but not beyond our acquaintance by any curse of the foresight."The drawback you get all the rage is, yes, they are seen by sensors; yet, at other mature, they are not seen by sensors that should've seen them, and that's one I can't key."Contemporaneous ARTICLES: Top NASA astronaut discloses shuttle encounter between disc UFO 'I suppose in UFOs... and I've seen them': Former Canadian defence preacher accuses American government of disguise yourself

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