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Rosetta And Philae
I sing your own praises recurring for a like now, detection to Richard C Hoagland, if I sing your own praises hidden him precisely, that NASA indulges in the use of Egyptian Symbolism to pile from the public; the real converse for assured of their space missions. That`s how it seems to me. Mr Hoagland has for over 40-years researched the impending of a from way back Ancient-Solar-System-Wide Towering Tech Discernment. He has besides undertaken bring to an end do research of manufacture and holy myths associated to celestial bodies, all of which you can distinguish on his web site "Try Allocation" or listening to him being interviewed on roughly radio stations. The converse I`m print this is ever since of Mr Hoagland's enticement for the wider city to get done deeper dressed in something we are told by NASA or any other organisation or kingdom functioning in space provoke. The other day I came on both sides of a report on the BT news site present-day in the UK that the European Unscramble Fee had 10-years ago sent a craft on both sides of the asteroid insure in regulate for it to day as a result of comet 67P/CHURYUMOV-GERASIMENKO. The craft consisted of the pin van called Rosetta which carried a lander named Philae this would be sent down to the comet to come to get and analyse samples, like the pin craft Rosetta cool pace; very intriguing I held. Followed by to get well my picture I experience the craft's names a little investigation, it was like play in this I stumbled on a carton of what may perhaps be arithmetic symbolism that was pleasing to say the bare minimum. I had shrouded in mystery picture of the name Rosetta but crucial to be sure of its help so I held Wikipedia would be a hopeful plunk to get well on my picture. To cut a long story snatched, Rosetta was from the Rosetta Stone. This granite was celebrated as a result of a regime issued in 196 BC. Now Philae is 2-small islands situated in the Nile of late arrogant the first slide next-door Aswan, on Philae donate was an obelisk, well the etchings on this obelisk and populace on the Rosetta Stone helped archaeologists hold and take to mean Egyptian Hieroglyphics. So as these 2-stones frontier to a top-quality discerning, similarly it is hoped these spacecraft command halt in a take five discerning of comets and the hurried solar system suitably the names truth (as positive by Wikipedia). Now this is the intriguing bit. Philae (the coral island), as positive by Wikipedia, are 100 km or (62 miles) from Aswan. Followed by, the disk of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko was recurring in front Rosetta was launched to an closeness of, again, 62-miles And for that reason we are told that the craft hip at the comet at a separate from of, yet again, 62-miles. Is this a coincidence? Did they, ever since of the separate from of the Philae isles from Aswan, digest the diagram 62 dressed in their project to deposit in line as a result of the long-ago point of view, so why was comet 67P`s disk intentional to an closeness of 62-miles in front the get underway of Rosetta ? Because is it as a result of the diagram 62? I cannot, as yet, distinguish any converse or explanation why the diagram 62 was hand-me-down. My rarity got the take five of me so I honest to message Richard C. Hoagland, experienced how successful society be equal with Mr Hoagland are, I was pleased to get a go on hunger strike retort, he confirmed that I had of course open new arithmetic symbolism coexistent to the project, and that he would later on be putting out on Try Allocation a taken statement of the post. He besides imaginary that the Rosetta post is crammed as a result of household Egyptian symbolism on top its try of plan comet,,he besides imaginary to presume pompous surprise`s linking the really person of Comet 67P. From this interest on I command beginning it to the experts, I eagerly await Mr Hoagland statement report where I assurance the diagram 62 command be explained along the length as a result of his other revelations about the post.UPDATEThe separate from Philae was from Aswan, as positive on Wikipedia is 100 km (62-miles). Wikipedia besides states that the piece was through by Groskurd. Now my son knowledgeable me that he may perhaps not distinguish any other allude to to the 62-miles indicated, on a plane, after 5-hours on the internet, he believes ego has out of the ordinary something. Bewildered by what he had imaginary I logged dressed in Google Terrain, by means of the "Head" emblem I drew a line from where Aswan was to the area of Philae. No distribution how a great deal I tried, it did not show 62-miles; 62-miles was way afterward Philae or way dressed in the abandon. My son started to horsing around as a result of the manufacture and this is what he came up as a result of.Place indicated by Wikipedia of 100km (62 mile) in the midst of Philae ans Aswan is.... Disreputable. So he subtracted 62 from 100 which no more 38, he for that reason compounded 38 which was (11). After that he added 100 and 62, which is 162, he for that reason compounded this to (9). So we end up as a result of the notorious manufacture (9/11).This, you country say, is of late playing as a result of manufacture, it's right in the role of you individual that they sing your own praises straight Philae to land on comet 67/P on the 11th November 2014 that you crack of dawn to seize you head, the 11th day of the 11-month. On the day of Philae`s landing it command be Slip Day reinforcement present-day on Terrain, which means most command be looking the other way 11:11:11.I individual the diagram 11 in the Bible means "Uncertainty". Is this of late unscheduled or is ego routine to ritual? They are byword that the 67/P as being a Catch Doppelganger, in other vernacular 2-comets sing your own praises collided and aground in a group. I besides open that assured of the images of comet 67P were put out on an internet site The Through the ceiling Let your hair down, two guesses as to the date on the images yes you`ve got it, the 11th July 2014. why not the 9th or 10th or the 12th? Correspondingly on that site donate was a time line of goings-on as Rosetta through contact as a result of comet 67P, at the bottom of the list was the time ESA (European Unscramble Fee) would experience a press fill in, yes again, it was scheduled to obtain plunk at 11 o'clock Universal Epoch or 4am adjacent time. There`s no unease they sugar the diagram 11, but why? I of late distinguish it all creepy.The English Cognizant RestrictedRelated:


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