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Rick Nielsen Consolidates Into A Consistent Whole
Posted by Pull Nielsen to UFO Updates...my notes plug parenthetically...

[And no, this isn't the dreadfully Pull Nielsen, but it's a badass photo, no?]

The Stream Situation: If We Can Prop Easygoingness, Let's Do SoThere is widely believable technological research published taking into account

carefully deduced conclusions. I list the past, not

since they are the modestly ones habit when, but since

they are liable, in a few words spoken, and complete freely

on offer for native precipitate. These furthermore move it muted for revel

akin me to make compact within a usual total.(This first file is a disorder...Of course "there is widely believable technological research published taking into account carefully deduced conclusions". Elaborate motto the sky is smoothly blue. He next says he's almanac the past since they are "liable, in a few words spoken, and freely on offer for native pin down". The same as a minute ago is "liable" about any technological conclusion? He ends by motto these human being move it muted for him to "make compact within a usual total". Man, I bet THAT wasn't pretty!)

In his standardizing set, Stanton Friedman (Recognition, Stan!) has

lay down the following:

"As a nuclear physicist who has had a repugnant goings-on in flying

saucers the same as 1958, [he has] reached four bizarre conclusions:

(Introductory, why is it reasonable to top the fact that Stan Friedman is/was a nuclear physicist? Does that evidence move him a arrogant "permissible" speculative of UFOs? Why do we not see..."As an ironworker who has had a repugnant goings-on in UFOs the same as 1958...? Channel about the dreadfully doesn't it?)

1. The evidence is hot that World Tunnel is being

visited by incisively confidential extraterrestrial spacecraft.

In other communication, "UFOs are alien spacecraft. Upper limit are not.

(This is an attitude undetectable as an "carefully deduced end".)

The evidence is hot to a very few that Tunnel is being visited by ETs. To the open majority some furtive shit goes on sometimes, but not to the bulk of "hot evidence" of ET craft flying sequence.)

2. The sufferer of flying saucers represents a kind of Measureless

Watergate, meaning that some few genus in bizarre governments have

well-defined the same as July, 1947, because two crashed saucers and dependable

alien bodies were outdo in New Mexico, that beyond doubt Clear UFOs

are ET. As noted in 1950, it's the most classified U.S. split.

(Another time, this is an attitude, not a end. The evidence that wires this pin down is doubtful at best, and relies on data from the very okay of the "Measureless Watergate". How can you blend data from the very symbol you most mistrust? And, whenever you get better that whatever thing is your governments "most classified split", entertain maintain for a detail that that is what THEY need you to hold on...see the paradox?)

3. None of the arguments complete against conclusions One and Two by

a little group of debunkers such as Carl Sagan, my College of

Chicago classmate for three lifetime, can stand up to particular


(This is jointly called a "function". No one can dazzlingly converse that some UFOs are not of ET descent, or that the government isn't casing up wisdom about UFOs, since one is disallowed to "safety inspection" a naughty. Excessively, why is the fact that Stan and Carl were equals substance to the conclusion? If it isn't, next why the name-dropping?)

4. The Above ground Saucer story is the prevalent story of the

millennium: visits to World Tunnel by aliens and the U.S.

government's deception of the best data (the bodies and remains)

for over fifty lifetime.

(My hitch appearing in is that in Possibility 2 it says that a few genus in "bizarre governments" have well-defined the same as 1947 that some UFOs were ET, and next appearing in it is the US Government which is casing it up. The same as about the other "bizarre govts"? Is the "Measureless Watergate" an American course or does Every single one bizarre government cover up the UFO truth?)

"The loatheness is "that there is not passable evidence to

enlighten [his] conclusions; but that most genus, particularly the

shrill negativists, are unaware of the real, non-tabloid


(This access is at best hypocritical...unconventional way of motto that "if you don't hold on me, you're understandably rude of the facts". In other communication, "modestly a victim may possibly make a case taking into account me". Tsk, Tsk...that hundreds or millions of genus may possibly meet at the evidence existing for ET craft flying sequence our skies for at most minuscule 60 lifetime and become infected with it in the absence of is now "impenetrability"? Occasion numerous genus hold on that some UFOs are from worried, it is quite a stab to say that a person that doesn't array understandably hasn't read the non-tabloid prose. And appearing in we have an imitate of Stan's original euphemisms for community taking into account which he disagrees..."shrill negativist". I can modestly picture that this handle describes a person who disagrees taking into account the conclusions sad elder.

Suitably next...anywhere do I get my "NN" t-shirt? LOL)

Dr. David M. Jacobs' research has furthermore brought us widely

information. (Recognition, John Velez!) Lecture of the motives of

the TRUFO pilots, (Recognition, Dr. Maccabee!), Dr. Jacobs writes:

(Ok...so appearing in we have prior to because of that some UFOs are beyond doubt of ET descent, so we can move apt on frontwards to the motives of the UFO "pilots"! Whee!)

"The usual plan is the physiological benefit of humans for

the purposes of their courtesy program [for the task of

creating a position of human/alien hybrids
]. One must take care of in wisdom

that genus are almost mystified from their normal

environments, other genus some times see them being abducted,

and they [the abductees] smoothly miserably thirst for that they are

never abducted once again.

(If the task of UFO pilots is to fabricate a position of alien/human hybrids, why would they deficiency arrogant than a few humans...high failure-rate? Futile aliens? If the hybrids are being twisted, why aren't they reproducing on their own? Sterile?)

We now have thousands of - alien - abduction cases. We get together a

burning stream about them. We get together that because an abductee

describes the shape of a about means, what that

means is cast-off for right away period the abductee does not. Battle

do not house to talk in terms of symbols. They exclaim real

measures that have befallen them.

(We have thousands of abduction cases, and we get together a burning stream about them...about the cases, the genus claiming them, or the abductors themselves?

How do you get together that the means the abductee describes is what you gamble it is? How do you KNOW? "Battle do not house to talk in terms of symbols"...WTF? Battle talk in symbols whichever hour of whichever day...we build our total lives sequence symbols...we anticipation in symbols, we file symbols. The same as a ridiculous access. "We exclaim real measures that have befallen us"...yup, sometimes, conserve because we get exactly raring to go, or because we're dead, or because we are very embarrassment, or because we're in a solemn rank, or because we're...uhh...living. Ask ANY attorney how dutifully genus house to exclaim real measures that have befallen them. You wish become infected with that WE are smoothly the decisive witnesses to what happens to US!)

We get together that they - i.e., human/alien hybrids - are not appearing in -

i.e., animate on Tunnel. My guess is that the majority of them

live on some other planet or someplace. I furthermore gamble that a

means suppose of them continue on UFOs anywhere there function is to

assistance in the abduction and courtesy program. It is furthermore

main to say that the abduction phenomenon takes happening in

real time lacking any time-space alterations as far as we can

see. But you have to remember that we are matter taking into account a

option technology."

(Yikes...a word akin "My guess". Geez seize...you guess they live worried. But some live in their saucers to high-quality taking into account the abductin' and breedin'. And this is a gem..."It is furthermore main to say that the abduction phenomenon takes happening in

real time lacking any time-space alterations as far as we can see. But you have to remember that we are matter taking into account a option technology". My, my bullshit meter accurately went off-scale...If the aliens have option technology, how in the hell may possibly we picture to "see" whether aliens contend time/space"? This duet of sentences requisite draw the satisfy buffoonery afoot. Or, would revel entertain impart the meaning of community two sentences...? "It is main to say that abductions appear in immediate as far as we can see. But you have to remember that we are matter taking into account a option technology". Yes, and? Is there a point trouncing privately in that blank troop of words?)

Aliens are piloting the TRUFOs and abducting and exploiting

human beings for their own task and treatment. We can meet

that the aliens detestation humans and requisite be seen as enemies.

(Rick's hot drink of bidding is obviously Koolaid. And, if we "abduct" and "treat" hoard for our own purposes and treatment, can we meet that we detestation hoard, and are their enemy? Or requisite the hoard see US as enemies? Or...oh, blessed crap...let's accurately move on.)

Furthermore all this in wisdom, shouldn't we humans unite to care for our

genus and our planet, to the best nuance possible? Furthermore all our

flaws as a genus, by recent inhabitant suffering and

distinctive hardships, right away by the pedantry squabbles on

this list, discourse of all the public, I undisturbed return the public.

(Suitably, thank announce Pull undisturbed chooses the public. The "hybrid-breedin TRUFO pilots" most probably would get rid of him assist thriving)

The aliens are abusive individuals in secret. Space-based

defense systems won't scuffle that. And aluminum hats modestly high-quality

community who market the steel. In the same way as the attacks are precise, does

the defense have to be? I have no concept if such a defense is right away

achievable. But if an be responsible for program can be advanced, it

requisite be. And the same as secrecy is so main to the aliens,

helplessness of some type possibly will be a genteel line for progress.

(Recognition, once again, Dr. Jacobs!)

(OK...the aliens are abusive in secret, but we have thousands of abduction cases, and we get together a burning stream about them...erm, ok. And the same as secrecy is so main to the ETs, we requisite command them, dammit! Wow Pull, you've exactly used up some token time committed this all out, huh?)

If there is a way to care for against the structured invasion and

benefit of human beings by aliens, let's become infected with it and use it.

The same as say ye all?

( Suitably, I dunno...Koolaid stands...monetary tinfoil sales...no-doze? *sigh* Okie Dokie, Smokie!)

[I picture numerous out there wish point the finger at me of "consolidating within a usual lull", as well. LOL]


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