Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ufo Fleet In Orbit About The Sun
Altogether interesting video showing what appears to be UFOs about the Sun, a number of such videos have been made public this year showing objects that appear to be circulating the Sun. Remembering that there is an enormous amount of activity in or on the surface of the planet and occasionally debris or matter will project from the sun when flaring.

Some of the objects that can be seen are quite clear and spherical looking, most probably large enough for a small planet or huge Asteroid, Comet. It has to be considered that some of the objects maybe Planets or other stars in the vicinity that are way in the distant but are bright enough to see through the aura of the Sun itself.

If as supposed these are extraterrestrial craft either orbiting or in geostationary positions then they are huge in proportion, probably many miles across in width or diameter. Then again perhaps there is a number of heavenly bodies that rotate about the Suns axis, after all it is considered that gravitational force doesn't really exist.

UFO technology would be so advanced that craft of this nature would be capable of anti gravity propulsion, meaning that they could stay there indefinitely without being pulled into the Sun. Sighting Of Many Earth Size Ufos In Suns Flames But Not On Fire".html

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