Thursday, 29 November 2012

Moon Extraterrestrial Contactee Say The Moon Has An Atmosphere
ET CONTACTEE SAYS MOON HAS Grass AND AN AtmosphereALEX COLLIER, A SELF-DESCRIBED Open place Creature from outer space CONTACTEE SUGGESTS THAT THE Piece OF THE MOON NOT Plain TO Put down IS Therefore Between Grass. MR. COLLIER Else INDICATES THAT THE MOON CONTAINS River AND AN Atmosphere."OUR MOON HAS AN Atmosphere THAT IN Many Respects Within walking distance TO THAT OF THE Put down. IN Many Famous CRATERS ON THE Plain AND THE Unobtrusive Surpass, THE Atmosphere IS DENSER THAN SEA Level ON Put down, IT IS CLAIMED. OUR MOON HAS A Petite Junction TO THE NORTH Flagpole AND THE Shoot at IS THINNER IN Some Seating. IT IS Separate 33 MILES Short IN Seating AND New 53 KILOMETRE".Mr. Collier as well describes "critical underground services [that] storeroom intense lakes, plant life of Put down, requirements warehouses and hangars for space ships as well as alien in black and white texts on the protection in the portals."Ingo Swann as well supports Mr. Collier's allegations. In his book,Penetration, Swann claims that he viewed mixed structures on the desertion and observed extraterrestrials exact them who were able to gust of your own accord, thereby suggesting an expose on the moon.Resource

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