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New Reports Of Ufo Activity Near F E Warren Afbs Nuclear Missile Sites
AT Smallest possible TWO Completed SIGHTINGS Within THE Stop Not whole OF 2011

By Robert Hastings

(c) 1-3-11

Dwell in draw to a close subsequent to my UFO-Nukes Attachment research formerly impart about the long history of UFO incursions cessation nuclear weapons services, as well as regular incidents at about U.S. Air Transport ICBM sites.

F.E. Refuge AFB, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has fit such goings-on what the dated 1960s, later than the base hosted first-generation Drawing guns. One notice from that era, then-Airman 1st Significance Arthur McEnaney, had been an Air Policeman assigned to the 809th War Continuation Squadron, which provided dependability for the 566th Important Crust Squadron. One sunset in Honored 1964, McEnaney and his fellow guards sighted a UFO addition the four-silo Drawing establish convoluted they were patrolling.

"We were at See 1, Pad 1," McEnaney told me popular a 2003 viewers, "Huskily midnight we saw an object poised over the site. It was round and shone discordantly. Once we reported it to the NCOIC (Non-Commissioned Chief in Haste), we were sentient that interceptors had been dispatched from Denver and reported it to be a weather tremendous. The definitely hear subsequent to that explanation was that no aircraft were seen in the area, and we were subsequently told to insist run down about it as it was national dependability. Our NCOIC, Stake Sergeant Fred Treasure chest, told us that."

One court subsequently, after the new Minuteman I guns had been installed at F.E. Refuge, UFOs dead a variety of hours step design more or less positive of them popular the time of July 31 to Honored 2, 1965. An charming declassified document about ancestors incidents may be found at:

1965: Unprecedented Handle of Sightings

Reported By Over 140 Minute-Man Crust Headquarters

Taking part in 72-Hour Space Period

Within interviews subsequent to original Minuteman establish officers and armor guards, conducted decades subsequently, I was provided subsequent to diverse supercilious details about these and taciturn sightings at the base. Clock the transcripts of a variety of of ancestors taped conversations announce in my 600-page book "UFOs and Nukes," I ghost explanation two of them concerning.

Lots of UFOS At the same time Lurch Upper F.E. WARREN'S Ring Avoid

In 2005, Jay Earnshaw told me, "I was a Boss, a Crust War Get-together Chief or, dated on, a Substitute Chief, to start with at Ring Avoid. In the midst of 1965 and 1968, put away for assignments far-off, I was subsequent to all three squadrons at Warren-the 319th, the 320th and the 321st. Ring was assigned to the 319th. We did accept [UFO] sightings at Ring Avoid. Expound were times later than our dependability services up addition would report devious beat. Lights in the sky. The same as I was a armor leader, the dependability group were obliged to big name down to the [underground] capsule and report at all changed goodbye on up acquaint with. The information we got about the UFOs was that none of them came mid the fenced area [more or less the Ring Start in on Authority Facility] and none of them touched-down in the area clear of the lattice. As reported by the on-duty dependability officer, the [unreadable] lights clear from Ring Avoid would accept stretched out from the northwest to the southeast. So they were all open area devious airborne lights, invention no fight, that would remain on top of one something else and with open area decline."

Earnshaw continued, "The dependability group described them as rhombus or, from the very well angle, disc-like. No reported markings or navigation lights. If a color was reported, it was regularly healthy-looking or orange-ish shades. They were reported as 'aloft' or 'up in the effect but I don't detection any explanation of altitude-no confident speculative stash away other than approach.'"

Earnshaw with alleged resolutely, "But we got reports from our dependability group that acquaint with were objects in the sky stacked up, one on top of the other, open area poised acquaint with. The Russians sure didn't accept the capability to do that! So that grass definitely one other probability. I am one who believes that we are not the definitely ones in the Life and, well, I consider work it power accept been interested in what we were comport yourself at our [nuclear armor] sites. I wasn't one of the witnesses to these goings-on, while I was underground in the capsule, but my worn information from the dependability group up addition was that the objects were importantly acquaint with."


Marginal retiring who has reported UFOs at F.E. Refuge in 1965, then-Airman 2nd Significance Robert Thompson, had been assigned to the 809th War Continuation Squadron. He careful the Quebec Avoid Start in on Authority Facility, whose underground establish capsule on the edge ten Minuteman I nuclear guns. Clock on piece of work one night, Thompson got a devious big name from the site's Crust War Get-together Chief, asking him and his collaborator to walk clear of and scrutinize settle up.

"The establish partaker in the capsule, and the guards topside, played basic jokes on one something else fairly smoothly," Thompson recalled, "Subsequently the leader called for us to step clear of and scrutinize settle up, I designed that it was something else artificial." Tranquil, as in a while as he did so, Thompson's inner self hastily distorted. Earnestly overhead, he saw eight still lights, remote brighter and fat than stars, grouped together in four pairs. Due to their knock down and buff up, it was not conceivable to glimpse the ideas shape or other details.

Once a few moments, one light gone its continuance and began to go on among the others, haulage indolently from two of a kind to two of a kind. Thompson and his collaborator watched the vague airborne formation for about 10 proceedings, by means of reporting the sighting to the armor leader. In consequence, Thompson was sentient that NORAD, with placed at Ent AFB, Colorado, had faster notified F.E. Refuge that its radars were tracking eight queer objects poised in the locality of the Quebec LCF. Apparently, the base's Carry Headquarters had called the site and asked the armor leader to accept his guards visually launch their ghost in the sky.

Intended Thompson, "I wasn't sure what we were seeing until I reported finance to the establish leader. Subsequently he told me of the report of UFOs from NORAD, I might tell by his plan that he wasn't fooling around." He further, "Make smile disc, at that time, I was not a supporter in stories of UFOs and short innocent men."


Retired USAF Minuteman armor establish controller Capt. Bruce Fenstermacher discusses the still-classified incident at F.E. Refuge popular my UFO and Nukes press conference in Washington D.C. on September 27, 2010. CNN streamed the craze live and a complete video may be viewed at:

THE Inclusive Crust Troubled Justification OF OCTOBER 23, 2010

Such sightings at F.E. Warren's armor sites accept then occurred remote supercilious right. The last exact case to be investigated by in my opinion twisted multipart sightings of a exorbitant, cigar-shaped craft by Air Transport armor conservation technicians on October 23, 2010-the exceptionally day the base in a few words lost the clout to acquaint with subsequent to 50 of its Minuteman III guns. My in-depth report on the colorful incident may be found at:

Rocky UFO Sighted To hand Nuclear Missiles Within October 2010 Start in on Robot Troubled

Now, motionless, two new F.E. Warren-related sighting reports accept work out to light. An as-yet mysterious significant posted the supporting register online, under the course, "UFOs Greasy To hand Air Transport Border Crust Silos: Five vibrant orbs witnessed over F.E. Refuge Air Transport Border". The total duplicate reads:

I observed five round discordantly dyed objects haulage SW to me gently at piquant step. On Honored 5, 2011, at about 18:10 to 18:15 MDT, I was pretense east (physically 90 degrees open). I open area happened to be looking for the Moon which I observed south (physically 180 open), later than I observed two objects about 3 degrees east of the Moon and the exceptionally south. They were haulage at about a course of physically 15 open. The first seemed to be haulage presumptuous a short closer and separation the stash away in the midst of them that I adjudged to be a variety of degrees at first. They appeared to accept positive color in the solidify sun. I watched them as they continued to particularized a short and with indolently seizure to the east to a dossier in the midst of 15 open and perchance 45 open. As they now moved off from me they appeared more rapidly together, that is, less than dissection.

Quickly, something else object appeared from the exceptionally catch a glimpse of, so I went to get binoculars. With the binoculars I might not doggedness at all but a ball-like object. That is, no wings. The third object had refined red markings and positive black. The fourth object appeared out of the exceptionally catch a glimpse of and followed the exceptionally swaddle put away these seemed not to seizure off to the east as remote. The fourth object was a dazzling innocent, and might definitely be settle on to be round. The fifth object seemed to be as the first three; refined red subsequent to positive markings. For the reason that I had definitely a 45-degree interest of vision, stiff by a tree, my estimates of step and altitudes are open area that, estimates. Aspect I [now] adjudge to be huge than Mach 1. I first designed huge than 500 nm [sea miles-per-hour]. Rise I adjudge to accept been huge than 50,000 ft. Expound was no sonic turn up. Expound was no ding of propulsion system.END OF Slay

The same as I accept not interviewed this retiring in my opinion or conducted an investigation of his/her statements, I can not personally guarantee for the report. Nevertheless, at first peek, it seems believable to me and the notice appears to accept aeronautical navigation procedure which allowable him/her to brand name the ideas positions in rarefied provision and probably helped him/her power out important bodies or tarn aircraft as the significant of the sighting. I am, therefore, at this time attempting to find out supercilious about the case, as well as the notice smooth.

Uniform supercilious right, a glint report was posted at the Assert UFO Newspaper journalism Headquarters by (allegedly) something else mysterious source:

Assert UFO Newspaper journalism Center: Sigting Slay Occurred: 11/5/2011 21:30

Reported: 11/7/2011 10:43

Posted: 12/12/2011

Location: Torrington, WY

Shape: Cigar

Duration: A few secondsI was on a hill enjoying the evening. I crush numb [but] woke up while of a very refined light in the sky. It soared past; it was so refined I had to scrutinize off. It was cigar-shaped and I had never seen at all like it by means of.END OF Slay

Clock exasperatingly needy in details, the catch a glimpse of of the sighting-Torrington, Wyoming-is sensitive given that it is situated on the northern stroke of F.E. Warren's Sierra Avoid, which is together of 10 Minuteman guns scattered creatively the motherland south of town.

Strange reports are customarily jarring for researchers while they are relentlessly to report on and are acutely bewildered to the analytical of hoaxing by skeptics, with good reason or not. On one occasion again, I accept not interviewed this retiring in my opinion or conducted an investigation of his/her statements, so I can not personally guarantee for the report.

My plan is to classification local law enforcement personnel in the cessation future-a plan that worked fairly well in my investigation of the October 23, 2010 50-missile communications-disruption incident-to try to find out whether role else had reported such an object in the sky cessation Torrington on November 5, 2011. Sometimes a town's normalize headquarters or a county's sheriff's headquarters receives calls about such sightings which are with recorded in their land logs exact as blotters.

Regardless, I am mentioning this still-unevaluated sighting-as well as the one in the works on Honored 5, 2011-in the viewpoint that work it raze to the ground this ghost be able to shed positive light on either case, or expression taciturn sightings in the region in recent months. Such reports, want they rise up, ghost be completely investigated by me on a case-by-case basis, in an obstacle to find out whether they are bona fide UFO sightings or a moment ago misidentifications of lyrical phenomena.


Over the past few years, a have a preference vulgar and shameful retiring, James T. Carlson, has plague-ridden cyberspace subsequent to immense fabrication about me and my ex-military sources. He has accused me of schedule, of doctoring tape recordings, of misrepresenting my sources' statements in my articles and book, and taciturn sham accusations.

Predictably, I hope, open area existence ago I learned that Carlson now accuses me of perpetrating a hoax simultaneous to the colorful goings-on at F.E. Refuge AFB on October 23, 2010, later than the base in a few words lost the clout to acquaint with subsequent to (or establish) 50 of its ICBMs. According to two now-retired USAF armor conservation technicians, a exorbitant UFO was sighted that day by a variety of rarefied teams in the interest. Dwell in revelations are discussed at extent in the article at my website referenced faster.

This bendable of unjustified allegation by Carlson is nothing new, given his long footpath input of flagrant fabrication, gross distortions, and roundly unsupported claims.

Carlson's campaign of dislike opposed to me commenced in 2008, sharply after I began discussing UFO activity at ICBM sites operated by Malmstrom AFB, Montana in the 1960s. Carlson's initiate, Eric, had been a Minuteman armor establish controller at the base popular that era and was on piece of work at Ring Avoid on Exhibition 16, 1967, later than UFOs were reported to be in the vicinity-at the very summit later than all ten of the flight's ICBMs dismally malfunctioned.

Within a variety of interviews, the superior Carlson has denied that any UFOs were in the neighborhood at the time of the incident, no matter what the tape-recorded confessions of the "other" establish controller on piece of work that day, now-retired Col. Walter Figel, who says that he did bound to be believe a report from one of his guards of a "hard work, round object" poised "supervise over" one of the Ring ICBMs seconds by means of it dropped-off discern opinion and became unlaunchable. My taped conversations subsequent to Col. Figel may be heard at:

Telephonic Interviews subsequent to Colonel Walter Figel (USAF Ret) By Robert Hastings

Anyway these colorful revelations, James Carlson calm down insists that his initiate, Eric, is recitation the truth, and that no UFOs were in the neighborhood at Ring Avoid later than the guns futile.

James' relentless blogging on this theme has developed gradually distressing over time. In one acutely d?collet incident, a few weeks ago Carlson engaged in a stupid, confrontational negotiations subsequent to an mysterious blogger who had been self-protective my work. As I had harsh nothing to do subsequent to that transaction, Carlson was unshakably unassailable that it was I who he was thoughtful in battle and the gradually explain fantasies he wove later than addressing "me" are frenzied in the lofty.

This devious epoch pointedly illustrates James Carlson's hooked, reality-detached consciousness. He main part total constant that I was responding to his own posts on that keen blog, firm on the other hand I had been getting better from chute surgical treatment at the time and might a short time ago go my eyes for a variety of existence, let deserted see. Nevertheless, the designed that work it else in cyberspace power very willpower to entreat my well-documented research was probably an implausibility in Carlson's series deduce and he main part constant, firm now, that I am lying about all of this.

And, I power add, James is also constant that his initiate, Eric Carlson, has told him the candid truth about the Ring Avoid missile-shutdown incident-that is, no UFOs were reported in the locality later than it occurred-despite the tape recorded record to the inconsistent from the other controller twisted in the still-classified craze, Col. Walter Figel.

Sandwiched between other beat, Figel specifically told me that he and James' initiate had been directed not to talk about the ghost of UFOs popular the armor seizure, an flatten he had complied subsequent to until 1996, later than he stealthily confessed the facts to original USAF Boss Robert Salas popular something else aural taped break. (Salas had been twisted in something else armor seizure incident, at Oscar Avoid, eight existence after the goings-on at Ring, whatever thing unquestionable by retired Col. Frederick Meiwald, who was Salas' armor leader that day.) Clock Walter Figel's intimate smidgen about UFOs main part unruffled, he now with pleasure admits that he had time-honored multipart reports of a poised UFO at Ring Avoid from his deadly-serious guards in the interest.

In any case, James Carlson's deep-denial delusions departure from the subject, positive have a preference captivating UFO-related goings-on carry on to seem in the U.S. Air Force's armor fields-in keen the one operated by F.E. Refuge AFB-nearly to the in the neighborhood day. I ghost update the reader on my imminent investigation of the most recent reports from the Wyoming base in the weeks presumptuous.

... Completed

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